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Welcome to the UpperHall of Stone and Steel

Stone offers Protection, Steel grants you Strength. Join us, and as a Kinship, we will have both.

It is a Fool's Errand to walk the Shadows of Middle-Earth alone...

     Stone and Steel was founded June 23rd, 2009 with an inspiring, long-term, easily understood core purpose for the Kinship: To one day be one of the most active Kinships on SILVERLODE.  Be it through Events, PvPM or Raids, an active Kinship is a FUN Kinship.
     We are a group of friends and family who enjoy each others company and companionship while adventuring in the virtual world of Lord of the Rings Online
     There are many guilds across many worlds. Many have come and many have gone, but ours moves forever onward. We have seen the face of many lands and brought our influence to each of them, we will continue forward with strength for years to come.
     Glittering Gem Tavern is a well-worn place where the tables are marked by years of hard use, but maintained with loving care. On these benches have sat the mightiest of wizards, the hardiest of warriors, the strongest in song, and the fairest of maidens.  Take a seat and join us!  The food is always hot, the ale is always cold and the friendships are always true...

     Finally, new travelers to the UpperHall of Stone and Steel will not be granted access to the Vaults of Lore, Dwarven Citadel, or the UnderHall without at least becoming an Associate member of Stone and Steel.

If you are interested in joining us, we would like to encourage you to visit the Adventurer's Signpost in The Great Hall.


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