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New site Co-Admin
Feb 2, 09 2:01 PM
Dark Phoenix Sentinals Has a New Address!
Nov 30, 08 11:16 PM
Oct 13, 08 5:09 PM
Blizzcon 08
Oct 12, 08 12:38 PM
Guild Screenshots Up!
Oct 8, 08 1:29 AM



Welcome to the

Dark Phoenix Sentinals

Guild Website!


Left in Trial of the Crusader:
Lord Jaraxxus
Faction Champions
Twin Val'kyr

Left in Ulduar:
Yogg-Saron "1/2/3/4 Watchers"


Invites for raids are currently being done via the raid lead picking up members based on nightly attendance and required classes for each encounter.  Please, don't feel bad if there is not space for you on a given night.  Raid times start at 9pm server, pretty much every night Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri (25m) and Sat/Sun for 10m.  Invites begin at 8:45 on the dot!!  The faster you are ready, the more likely there will be space for you!  Of course, school, work and family should always come first.  We do however ask that you notify Aggrehstix and/or an officer (at the very least), if you will be away for a prolonged period of time, or unavailable to raid on certain nights. Missing nights may cause you to lose your spot for the week, so understand that before hand.

New Recruits! We need them! Especially Ranged DPS!
Try picking up some people in 5mans, and see what you can find.  Remember, it's not hard to teach someone how to play better, it is however, hard to teach someone to think in the first place. Someone willing to learn with a good attitude is the most important thing right now.

~~The Guild With The Misspelled Name~~

Other Guild News

New site Co-Admin

Cirae, Feb 2, 09 2:01 PM.
Yep, it's me, Cirae, your friendly neighbourhood box hobo.

If anyone has any concerns/suggestions/whatever, feel free to pm me ingame.  Lord knows I'm on often enough right now.

Dark Phoenix Sentinals Has a New Address!

System, Nov 30, 08 11:16 PM.
Dark Phoenix Sentinals has been upgraded to include a custom domain, and can now be reached directly by going to Please note that there is no WWW in front of the address!

Thank you for choosing GuildPortal as your guild''s home on the web!


megadasher, Oct 13, 08 5:09 PM.
Title explains it all!

Blizzcon 08

megadasher, Oct 12, 08 12:38 PM.
Blizzcon 08 has finally come to a close. Hateires, Darkvette, Nobtan, Kissumi, and I (Liubei) all had a chance to meet up and have a great time! If you missed it this year, i highly reccomend making an Epic run for it next year, the loot is EPIC! Photos of our misadventures will be up soon! dun dun dun!

Guild Screenshots Up!

megadasher, Oct 8, 08 1:29 AM.
Hey guys! New update tonight! We finally got some guild screenshots on the Home Page! Check out the gallery on the rightside of the home page!

We got 5 up so far, so we need more! Go check out the Guild Images section of the forums for more information!


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