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 No Pulse? No Soul? No Gear? No Guild?

UNGUILDED welcomes you all.

This guild was started by undead players on EU Bloodhoof Server who tired on depending on the help of the Living for Quests and Raids

We have many MAINs, a large number of ALTs and a few TWINKS.
All are invited and welcome as the Guild has not yet reached a critical number of members.

Furthermore, some  members have made contacts to Undeads in other Guilds, and added them to their friend lists to call upon in times of need. The Tabard these bones wear might not be the ones of UNGUILDED, but loyalty beyond the grave will still ensure they join us in future raids on the human cities.

We do raids with these and other guilds and are hoping for alliaces here on with other Horde Guilds in the near furture.

We have a One Month no show = getting kicked (with possibility to re-join) / demoted, keeping the Guild alive and active. 

The need for different skills has made the precense of The Living (1/4 of Unguilded Undead Members) an acceptable evil..

These lost Souls are devided into:
- Souled Servants
- Men at Arms
- Lord Overseer


Undeads remain:
- Black Pawn
- Black Knight
- Black Towers
- King og Old
- Master Darekel

One Day We WILL Eat a City!!


Master Darekel
So-and-so has logged on!