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Welcome to enigma, we are a HORDE World of Warcraft guild on the European Lightbringer realm. We are a friendly casual raiding guild, and recruit players over the age of 18. We have a large range of age and experience. Please Read our Guild Policies and Forum rules before joining.

Recruitment is currently OPEN.

When registering to the site please have your main characters name somewhere in your username when registering, thank you.
Other Guild News

Enigma's First Week in Ulduar

Reaga-Enigma, Apr 27, 09 9:11 AM.
Id like to congratulate all those who went to our first Ulduar session, we managed to kill 2 bosses, Flame Leviathan and Razorscale, making us 2/14 after our first trip in 10 man Ulduar. Great job guys :-D

And the Curtain Falls

Ilien of the Wilds, Apr 21, 09 7:48 PM.
Well, I just thought I'd explain everything carefully and bid my farewells, not forever, while true, is something that we'll have to see.:-)

Here I am, Ilien as you know me, taking a break that will last, at least, 2 months.
Due to education/school stuff, I screwed up last year's final exams and, although I passed, I didn't have grade to get into University. So I can't afford to screw stuff up again this year. I'm taking a break so I can study and get into the subjects I need better grade in.

More than a good bye to the guild (for I'll be back in July), this is a good bye to certain people and, especially, my position in the guild. On the afternoon of the 27th I'll make Fenna GL and get demoted to Enigmatic (hope you don't crucify me), never to return to the higher positions.
My time as an officer was long, my time as a Raid Leader was even longer. I've been in the 'job' since March 2008. A loooooong time. I've led the guild, I've made friends, I've kept the guild alive, at first alone, when Imperia and Recky left, then together with the rest of the EMT. Now it's my turn to humbly return to the member's area.
I loved my work as a Raid Leader, sometimes worse, others better. Hope I striked you all as a fair, hard-working RL.

Don't be too harsh on them Officers and Raid Leaders, they're sacrificing some of their fun time to enhance yours. Thank them, even if not with words at least with actions, listen to them. Make them proud of you all. I know I am.

My screen time is over, I'll give space for a new character to rise, and shine.

I only hope I put on a good show.

For the Horde!


PS: Bash Yogg-Saron for me, will ya? Paint my name in his head.
PPS: My email is should anyone feel the need to add me on msn or something.

First Week Of 25man!

Ilien of the Wilds, Feb 21, 09 2:00 PM.
Here it is, finally. Our first week of 25man raids as a guild!:D

We did rather well, still one or two runs from Naxx25 left and so far is:

-Naxxramas Heroic: 7/15
-Obsidian Sanctum Heroic: 1/1 with all drakes dead, something to improve.

And now, to celebrate this, I made a record of Sartharion fight:
Sartharion Heroic Fight Movie

The Four Horsemen and Sartharion Kills movie

Ilien of the Wilds, Jan 16, 09 8:00 AM.
The Four Horsemen and Sartharion (second kill) movie!:)

Here it is people!:D
One more video for you!


Naxxramas First Run

Ilien of the Wilds, Jan 8, 09 4:02 PM.
Hello again!

Enigma ventured into Naxxramas for the first time and we got whole Arachnid Quarters and Noth the Plaguebringer down.

Here's a video of our Maexxna kill, last boss in Arachnid Quarter.

Nothing fancy, but I found it fun to do and stuff.:)

The second movie! It's from our second run, unfortunately I forgot to record third run boss fights. I'll do it next time!:D

Copy and paste it to your browser. Auto linking wasn't working.-.-
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