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Bad Mojo Is Here To Stay!
Sep 25, 08 7:07 AM
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Welcome everyone! This is the new Bad Mojo Guild website until i can get a proper one made with kick ass forums and our own domain name. We have Ventrilo and it is a must to have a mic and Ventrilo. You need to be able to take jokes and shit talking. If you cant handle any of this then you might wana go join Crimson Guard, i promise you it will be like having Cyber Parents, something no outragous kid/older person wants.

If you want the vent info you can get it by leavin an application in the forums and we bring you in for an interview. Yes thats right an "interview." The reason for that is so that we dont have to deal with shitheads like Crimson Guard kids who bitch whine moan complain or beg. You get what you get and so on.

Bad Mojo was created to get that pleasure of not having to be "Parentalized" by some people bitching and complaining about swearing, were good with it but if you go over the top of non stop then I will personaly kick you in the balls to watch you puke on yourself, same with some of the other guildies.

Welcome To Bad Mojo's Home.


Bad Mojo Is Here To Stay!

539969464_Inactive, Sep 25, 08 7:07 AM.
Bad Mojo is here to stay what anyone says. Our rival guild is "Crimson Guard" even tho they post us no threat.
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