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It begins.
Sep 25, 08 1:45 PM
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The drums of war sound.  Across all lands the battles rage.  The forces of Destruction have united in a great Tribunal of slaughter that will forge its way across the Old World, washing it clean in a tide of bloodshed.  If you are worthy, you may take up the mantle of our cause and bathe in the blood of our enemies.  For Tzeentch.  For Gork and Mork.  For Khaine.  Let the killing begin.

Tribunal is an open faction Destruction RvR guild on Ostermark.  We are dedicated to both open world and instance-based Realm Versus Realm combat and the death of Order where ever they show their Snotling fondling faces.

We respect the right of others to roleplay on Ostermark, though guild members are not required to roleplay.  We expect all of our members to represent integrity and intelligence on the battlefield and everywhere else.  This means we want smart, capable players with good attitudes and respect for their fellow Destruction forces.  If you think you have what it takes to be part of an elite, skilled fighting force that coordinates well and strikes hard, apply within.

It begins.

539966696_Inactive, Sep 25, 08 1:45 PM.
The Tribunal has formed.  Death comes to the forces of Order.  The Age of Reckoning is at hand, and the black tide will be led by those beneath our banner.
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