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Trial by Fyre
We Have Moved
Feb 12, 09 4:51 AM
Guild Re-Creation
Nov 2, 08 11:54 PM
Guild Creation
Sep 20, 08 1:45 AM
Web Site Live on GuildPortal!
Sep 20, 08 1:31 AM

Welcome to the WarHammer Online Trial by Fyre Website!

Trial by Fyre is a small, family based guild that was first formed many years ago (back in the heyday of MUDs) and has existed in one form or another since the mid 90s. Due to real life time constraints, we tend to favor a more casual approach to leveling. We enjoy exploring the content more than rushing to get levels. Our fearless leader, Ugger, spent a lot of time in DAOC running ML raids and tends to focus on killing things. Co-Leader Diandra tends to focus on crafting. Although PVE has always been our primary focus, we do enjoy some good old fashion PVP now and then.

As a guild, we have never actively recruited for members. We prefer to group with and get to know people before inviting them to join the guild. We have found good people / made good friends in prior games and look forward to meeting new friends here in WarHammer.

We Have Moved

diandra, Feb 12, 09 4:51 AM.
Effective January 31, 2009 we have moved over to Lord of the Rings Online on the Nimrodel server.

As much as we love Mythic's customer service, communication and server stability- we are very disappointed in the crafting system and lack of housing. This is a good game- but just doesn't have enough to hold us.

Guild Re-Creation

diandra, Nov 2, 08 11:54 PM.
TbF was originally created here in WarHammer on the Heldenhammer Server Destruction Side on 9/17/08. It was then created on the Badlands Server Order Side on 10/16/08.

With Free Character Transfers- The guild (Destruction Side) has decided to move from low pop server Heldenhammer to higher pop server- Monolith. It was re-created on Monolith on 11/2/08. Our thanks to Navel, Arolla and Listen for their help in re-creating the guild.

Guild Creation

diandra, Sep 20, 08 1:45 AM.
Trial by Fyre was formed 9/17/2008. Founding Members Ugger, Diandra, Kepheria and Moreye.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

diandra, Sep 20, 08 1:31 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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