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We've Moved and Merged
Nov 12, 08 4:16 PM
WAR Grab Bag #1 / Gold-spam blocker
Sep 26, 08 2:15 PM
Sep 22, 08 8:34 PM
Roster Integration
Sep 22, 08 3:55 PM
Guild Invites
Sep 20, 08 10:38 PM
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Scumdogs Of The Universe!

Destruction - Sea of Malice

This be the site for the dirtiest, meanest and most ruthless players ever to step foot on the battlefield.  We will do whatever it takes to get the job done, and our ends always justify the means.  We're pvpers first and foremost and are looking to be one of the most dominant forces in the warzone.

Because, after all... If it bleeds, we can kill it! And if we kill them, they will die!

We've Moved and Merged

Bojamijams, Nov 12, 08 4:16 PM.
We have now merged with the Memphis guild ( on the Monolith server.  My name on there is Deathmaim but most other people have been able to keep their names that they used here. Contact some of us if you wish to join.

Scumdogs, for now, is on permanent hiatus.

WAR Grab Bag #1 / Gold-spam blocker

Bojamijams, Sep 26, 08 2:15 PM.
For those who never played DAoC this is a Q&A session where every week (used to be weekly with DAoC anyway) they take some user emailed questions and answer. Great place to look to get official developer info on how some things work. Make sure you read it.


Also, there is a UI mod for WAR that will detect gold seller spam and automatically ignore it for you. Give it a try.



Bojamijams, Sep 22, 08 8:34 PM.
Feel free to add cool screenshots of the game to the gallery for all of us to enjoy. If you got nowhere to host em, mail them to me (ask for email) and I'll host them on GP (only got 50mb storage total so first come, first serve)

Roster Integration

Bojamijams, Sep 22, 08 3:55 PM.
GP now allows integration directly with the WAR servers so the ROSTER page of the site updates automatically with all the guild members, classes, ranks, etc.  Clicking on any members will take you to WAR's version of the Armory. Pretty sweet.

Also FYI, we're the 41st guild to be made on this server. Not bad.

Guild Invites

Bojamijams, Sep 20, 08 10:38 PM.
So far myself (Caine) and Sleazy are the only ones who can invite. Look for us in-game.
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