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Welcome to the Freethinkers guild website!

We are a mature guild for those who consider themselves of the "Freethinkers" philosophy.

Freethought is a philosophical viewpoint that holds that beliefs should be formed on the basis of science and logic and should not be influenced by emotion, authority, tradition, or any dogma. The cognitive application of freethought is known as freethinking, and practitioners of freethought are known as freethinkers.

We are a very friendly group of people who enjoy building friendships as much as questing and reaching in-game goals. We are a small guild so a degree of independance is a requirement. We try to maintain a sense of equality in the guild, therefore, we have a small trial period to see if the fit is right and then you're an officer right away. We base 'fit' on charactor, trustworthyness, and to see if they represent the forward facing image that Freethinkers want to project.


Gaining on Guild Level 50!!!

Danerra, May 7, 09 11:53 PM.
We're doing AWESOME everyone!!! We are quickly gaining on level 50, out guild hall has some pretty fun and handy stuff going on and we've got some great new friends and guild members join us!  Congrats all on the hard work.

Oh, Goldena FINALLY got her EPIC!!!! and SEGOMA GOT FREETHINKERS FIRST MYTHICAL! Huge congrats to both for work well done!

New Guild Hall!

Miranna63, Jan 6, 09 3:02 PM.
Finally did it!  All the Hard work by everyone finally paid off as the guild reached the Magic level 30.  Danerra has been working hard to fix it up, drop in, get your bind and take a look around.

Welcome Cyena!

Danerra, Nov 18, 08 6:38 AM.
Hey everyone! Like to post that we have a new member! I know a few of our folks are out for a few days but when you get back, say hi!

Glad to have you!

New Flash.... .... ..... .... ....

Proah, Nov 12, 08 11:13 PM.
Guild makes level 27, by pawning junk on Merchants.

Rats go on a running rampage threw Feerrott.


Danerra, Nov 12, 08 9:03 AM.
So... we're getting ready for an event this weekend. I know my other one for Halloween didn't really work out but this one should be interesting and deserves some prep work from participants who are not familiar with certain landscapes.

So... this will be the plan (open for modification if needed but i think it works well as is).

Charactors MUST: have NO equipped clothing. Appearance slot is ok, No jewellery, no weapons, no buffs, NADDA, you run as the great SOE brought you into Norrath. If you are of Erudite, Fae, High or Dark Elves, we ask you do not put on your safe fall buff.. I understand arasi/fae cannot help it, however i don't think any are running in the race as far as i can tell. If your class has invisibility, please do not use it, use the totems. Also, you cannot make use of horses or griffins to decrease travel time.

EVERYONE will be mentored to the lowest member in the 50's. I know we all have a toon that's hit 50 at least.

Each participant will have their carpet however as a speed buff. I will be providing level 50 out of combat health regen totems so when you take a gamble and jump off a cliff, or get banged on, you have good chance to be building back your health. You will be issued 2 invisibity totems of 5 charges each for your trip. You will also be issued a food item that must be consumed prior to the race so everyone will have the same food stats. Will be level 50 as well.

We will be starting the group on the docks at BB with their carpets... all in a raid group, and having you go from there, to Lesser Fay, then Gfay, then Loping and out thru Steamfont to meet in Gnomeland Security for awards. That route should bypass all the level 76+ in loping planes  and keep you on relatively safe paths.

Who ever comes in first will get 1 plat, then 60g then 40g. If the winner can come in 2 min ahead of the others, they get an extra 1 plat, 1 min ahead, is extra 50g.

There will also be other random prices and a place of honour as current guild UBER STREAKER and will proudly display it in their guild notes :D

Sound good?! See you all on Saturday :D I think we decided for 7CST? Will confirm the time soon.

Btw... the route you plan will make the difference and be strategic who you follow! Jumping off a cliff might look like a nice way down, but you might die quick since you'll have no stats on you. Also... i know those who have safe fall built up will have an advantage but... hell, i'm banking not many of you have it build up much and also, being streakers, you won't have many hit points to work with regardless. Caves do provide shortcuts, with risks of their own of getting lost. Invisibility with slow steady progress might be a good option for non risktakers... remember turtle and hare :D Death will put you back out of the way... For those who DON"T have experience with loping planes, i will be giving a few tips to the Trio navigating them thru there to get to Steamfont as well as lesserfay.
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