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Welcome to the Celestial Fury Website!

Open Raiding

At this time, the raids are open to anyone that signs up. Guild members will be given preference, if their character is needed, but there are plenty of spots to fill. Go to the Calendar link, manage your character in the top of the pane to add your character, then edit your character so that we know what it is. You can then add that character to the sign up sheet by clicking on a checkmark and hitting the save button. It's very easy to navigate, and doesn't take long to get used to it.

Raid Time: All times listed are Server Time. Invites go out at 3:00 pm, and as soon as everyone is in, we roll. If you're not on by 3:10, you will be replaced. Exceptions will be made if you contact Mathelan, Lexander, or Alouetta and let him know ahead of time to wait for you. In game mail is acceptable. If you can't be online by 3:30, let one of them know that you won't be available and to find a replacement so we don't keep the other raiders waiting. Bored ADD raiders... not a good thing....

Preperation: Please be sure that your character is prepared ahead of time. All gems, enchants, and the like should be finished before invites go out. Bring enough your own reagents, potions, water, food, flasks, elixirs, and buff foods for a 3 hour run. Most of the time we have a mage for the vending machine, but don't count on it, and no one likes to wait for 2 min for health and mana bars to fill. If you don't come in your best, you will be placed on reserve.

Reserve Rules: If something comes up, take the time to message Alouetta in game before invites go out so that you can be replaced easily. However, if you do not contact anyone and do not show up for 2 raids, you will be placed on the reserve list. If you are a no-call/no-show for 4 raids, you will not be invited to return.

Please Note: I (Alouetta) will be paying attention to performance during the raid. If you do not contribute, you will not be invited back. No free rides here.

Loot Rules: If you need it, roll on it. We don't have DKP or any other type of thing that keeps you from getting the gear you need, and you don't have to raid with us for months to pay for one piece of gear.

Raids: At this time, we are raiding Karazhan with an eye out for Zul Aman. As the guild and raid signups grow, we will try for the larger 25 man raids of Gruul's, Magtheridon, Serpent Shrine, The Eye, Mt. Hyjal, and Black Temple.

Alliance: The Northern Star Alliance is in the process of forming, which includes small guilds that wish to do the same - raid - but not leave their guild. To join the Northern Star Alliance, just type /join northernstars in your chat window. The more guilds we can bring into the alliance, the more signups we'll all have for our raids, and vise versa. You would also be able to ask if any alliance members would like to go to instances and heroics, and of course general chat.

Thank you for visiting our website!

Alouetta :)
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