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ventrillo Hosting by
Tier 1 City
Sep 20, 08 10:26 PM
Sep 18, 08 11:10 AM
Swixx's Policies
Sep 17, 08 4:35 PM
New Ventrilo Server
Sep 17, 08 8:29 AM
Welcome to Origin!
Sep 16, 08 6:27 PM
Welcome to the Origin Guild website.

I am the Guild Leader Stoma. Nice to meet you.
I'm looking forward to your joining. But before you do, please read the below.

And to answer your question, yes... We have a city.
Please bring your sense of humor. We use language that can be at best considered foul. If you find that offensive, I don't think this is the right guild for you.

As with most guilds we have rules.

1 warning will be given by me. Swixx has his own policy. 

Flaming any member of the guild or the guild itself will result in a warning.

If you have a complaint about something or someone, take it to the someone. If the problem isn't solved, come to me. (Stoma)

All Members are expected to trear their fellow guild Members with respect. 1 warning.

Each member represents the guild. Therefore, act accordingly.
Do not harass people... This includes stalking.. Instant Kick.

You guys know those brother-sister type agruments?
If I see those you will be given a warning.

Begging will result in a warning. But if you want something from
the guild vault send me a tell.

While I am gone, the officers are running the show. Their decision doesn't always have to be final. Send me a tell.

I understand that we have lives outside of AoC. I myself am in college.
But if I find you inactive for extended periods... Consider yourself  
guildless. Exceptions can be made, send me a tell with an estimated time of absence.

With that said. Lets all have fun.


Tier 1 City

539956754_Inactive, Sep 20, 08 10:26 PM.
I think this deserves a huge W00T W00T!. I have finished building the Tier I city.
It is completely done. Our entire Tier I city is done. Big accomplishment for Origin.
For now anyway. Now on to Tier II. But before we can do that. I need to be level 60. So on to the Grind! For it can't be too long before we have a Tier II city.  Our city should be entirely Tier II in about a month, give or take a week. It depends on the amount and difficulty of the homework I have (I'm majoring in computer engineering at South Plains College).

We really need to recruit to get more members though. The ones we have are not Active at all.


539956754_Inactive, Sep 18, 08 11:10 AM.
Well... I met a guy who had a shit load of blue capes... I don't mean the color of the cape. But the item quality.
This guy gave me all these capes, for just 10 silver. If you look in the bank, all the capes are there. 

I will be giving those out as each player hits level 48(the level requirement for the cape is also 48). And wearing those capes will be a requirement during non-combat guild events such as meetings or (non-combat) contests. The capes were purchased by me, and no guild funds were used.

And yes, i was thinking of how Guild wars does their guild-cape thing. Except I don't require that you wear the cape. Except for the events described above.

Swixx's Policies

539957945_Inactive, Sep 17, 08 4:35 PM.
I figured instead of making the welcome table larger i figured make a news post

I'm just gonna make this quick my policies are pretty much the same as Stoma's, 
one addition though. Have a sense of humor! Thats my only requirement. If u have any problems report them and we'll handle 'em. Don't be afraid to speak up either, we're open to discussions. Thanks for your support, and together we'll have a successful and fun guild! : )  

New Ventrilo Server

539956754_Inactive, Sep 17, 08 8:29 AM.
Just bought a vent server for all those interested. Port: 8375

Ask someone in the guild for the passowrd.

Welcome to Origin!

539956754_Inactive, Sep 16, 08 6:27 PM.
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