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Welcome to DGA
Welcome to Divine GoldenAura!

DGA is a small, friendly guild converting from a casual leveling guild, to a progressive raiding guild. We are currently accepting new members of 70 or higher.

DGA's creed is to learn from others, help others in need, and have fun along the way. Our members pride ourselves on teamwork. We think of others first, and our personal needs second. Everyone pitches in to help the guild expand and prosper. All players are treated with respect and any lack of respect will not be tolerated. Most of all, DGA is about having fun.

Other Guild News

Raiding Guild

Lariath, May 3, 09 10:50 AM.
With the unfortunate demise of our sister guild, Legacy, most of our level 80 main toons, have moved on to an official raiding guild. We will still use DGA for our leveling and alt guild. If you've reached lvl 80, and would like to bring your main toon over to the raiding guild, you can fill out the application at RaidersoftheLostFridge

Make sure to put in the application that you know and were part of Lariath, Goldenpurity, Dharmic, and Prav's previous guild.

New Vent Server

Lariath, Mar 2, 09 3:40 PM.
DGA now has a ventrilo server. Prav has donated a vent server to the guild. The server information is listed above in the welcome section. If you do not have ventrilo, you can download it at Ventrilo Site . Thanks Drew, for hooking us up with the server.

We will continue to use the TeamSpeak server until everyone has the chance to get Ventrilo installed and operational.

Alliance with Legacy

Lariath, Mar 1, 09 12:02 PM.
We have officially formed an alliance with Legacy guild. The guys over there are great,  and the two guilds seem to have the same goals in mind. We are looking at this as a merge of the guilds, without leaving our current guilds.

What does this mean for us? Everything positive! It means a lot of experience and knowledge from other players. It means more opportunities to run lvl 80 Heroics and Raid content. As the guilds get to know each other more, we will possibly expand to more lower level content as well.

Make sure to click on the Legacy link on the left in our Alliance area and say hi to Scientia, Shauni, and the rest of the Legacy guys.

Dues have been eliminated

Lariath, Feb 8, 09 5:07 AM.
We have decided to eliminate the requirement for monthly dues. We still need that last bank tab, but will finance it on donations only. We hope this helps to alleviate the stress in this trying economy we are in.

Webpage is fixed

Lariath, Jan 19, 09 1:06 PM.
The webpage is now operational. The guild roster is not functional (thanks to a new way it interfaces with WOW, but I'll look into it later). Everything else is working and is pointing to our new server, Garrosh. Make sure everyone goes into Characters & Settings, and updates their character names to point tot he correct server.
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