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The Imperial Armory

Alongside the Order Forces the Imperial Fists have become the epitome of Codex doctrine. All ranks are able to make tactical decisions and are encouraged to act on initiative. The Imperial Fists combine all arms in flexible balanced battle groups, each of which can present an opponent with a diversity of threats, then press their attack so swiftly that the foe is overwhelmed before he can react. They retain their traditional skills in urban and siege warfare, although they are quite willing to engage and defeat the enemy in open battle. They will use fortifications on the defensive, but only after all more aggressive options have been exhausted. Their only weakness is perhaps a reluctance to accept the possibility of defeat that sometimes blinds them to risk.

We are a sieging guild. We hold weekly practice sessions for guild tactics and communication. We assist with PQ's and use an in-game honor system to recognize members who have contributed to the class and joy of the community at large.

We have open positions for all of the following:
- High Inquistor
- High Siege Master (Filled by Kaylem)
- Standard Bearer
- High Recruiter
- High Vault Lord (Filled by Draakan)
- Courtesy Officer (Filled by Valanthis)

We are seeking players who have lives outside of the game, but can dedicate a certain amount of time to guild relations and management.

Tax rate is unestablished until the leader roles have been established. All leaders will be on a 30 day period to see how they carry out their abilities. All further, detailed information on each class is provided inside the forums.

Posting is not required, but promotion requirements may include posting articles on how to play your class, how to combat a specific destruction player or even a background story for your character. We are not a roleplaying guild, but will honor those who are interested in doing so.

We play on the Red Eye Mountain Server, but have plans to expand to others if the request for further servers is needed.

If you would like more information, please in-game mail/message Lysander until the High Recruiter position is filled.
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