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Blood Court
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Welcome to Blood Court

Upon the invasion of Silvermoon City and the loss of ninety percent of the Quel'dorei population
there was created a huge vacuum within the remaining population. Kael'thas Sunstrider's return and declaration of the newly renamed Sin'dorei (Children of the Blood) served to further alienatemany of the critically weakened Quel'dorei noble houses who soon began to find themselves replaced by the strongest of the survivors and their followers.  

The outcry of the old guard was very quickly
silenced by the growing strength of these counterfiet aristocratic entities who rose up from the
depths to fill the void. Commonly called "Blood Courts" these organizations quickly have begun to
grow in strength and status, and while not a challenge to the ruling Aristocracy, they have begun 
to act a bit more autonomus, particularly the largest coalition now known simply as the Blood Court.

The Blood Court is a Sin'dorei (Blood Elf) based roleplay guild based upon the Sisters of Elune server.
Founded by Sin'dorei, for the survivors of the Scourge Massacre, the Blood Elves are at the heart of
the guild itself.  While not abdicating a view pertaining to the Light or the Dark, it's purpose is to 
ensure the survival of their race and provide a viable, alternative infrastructure.  They have no true 
power within the government, yet even perceived power by the general populace does in itself create 
true power from nothing.  The guild is not closed to outside races, it being totally possible that as 
time continues outside eyes might view the Blood Courts as an entity they would like to at least have 
diplomatic relations with, or assist if the balance of power shifted for whatever reasons.
This explanation is posted as to why the central nervous system of the guild is Sin'dorei, but if you
find yourself wishing to play another race as an Emissary to the Court then please come and talk to 
us about it.

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