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Last Requiem . -Phoenix Throne (Heavy RP, Heavy RvR, Medium PvE)

Before you unfurls a parchment, scrawled in blood. Out of the Chaos, words form the code of conduct. Words commanding the “Last Requiem”. Behold members! Read it, learn it, let it guide you to greatness.

Purpose of Last Requiem
We gather the forces of destruction. The Empowered, the True, and the WAAAGH. All  join together under our banner to bring our enemies to their Last Requiem. The allied forces of the Dwarves, High elves, and Humans cannot prevent us from laying waste to all they hold dear and in that suffering our victory shall be realized.

With our combined strengths we can easily satiate our lust for blood, death, vengeance and change. Our unhallowed might will slash across these lands, carving the paths the rest of our peoples will follow. We are merciless. We are inescapable. We are inevitable.

Wez gunna smash der heads in. We make dem be at da last requiem. Wez need ta get da mighty WAAAAGH. Come allz youz gits,  Dark Effies, an' corrupted pinkies to smash demz gud. All dat be left is da smear of der bodies and da echoes of der screams.

Taegol, Black Orc.

CoMe, ThOsE wHo HeAr ThE cAlL oF tHe RaVeN gOd. CoMe ThOsE wHo CrAvE dEsTrUcTiOn. CoMe ThOsE wHo WiSh To TaKe BaCk WhAt Is RiGhTfUlLy ThEiRs. We WiSh To PeRfOrM tHe LaSt ReQuIeM. LeT oUr VoIcEs RiNg OuT tO dElIvEr ThE mEsSaGe Of WhAt We CoMe To BrInG. LeT tHe ScReAmS oF tHe SlAuGhTeReD eChO oUr DiRgE. ThE rAvEn GoD wHiSpErS tO mE oF hIs DeLiGhT. Of HiS aPpRoVaL oF tHiS dArK bAnD. HiS pEaCe ShAlL bE sPrEaD. It Is TiMe. It Is TiMe...

~ShReEmA, mEsSaNgEr Of ThE rAvEn GoD

((Hey guys, we are a heavy rp guild on Phoenix Throne looking for people who love to rp and slaughter enemies in RvR. We do however, accept the RP friendly non-rpers. We simply ask that they respect the roleplay of the guild and those involved.Our guild is about 60 members strong at the moment and expanding as more friends come along. So please take a look around and we Look forward to smashing stunties with you all. Join in the WAAAGH!))
Guild Announcements

We have joined with Scorn.

Taegol, Nov 10, 08 11:42 AM.
Last night mez and da Drinn mets and drew da papers to form Da Axis, we soon shall brings more WAAAGHS to our cause, dose stunties quake in der boots at the sound o' our names!

((hey guys just formed a new alliance with a rp guild. Look forward to getting to know them better and please remember that alliance chat is IC so bracket it off if you're talking OOC))

We gather

Taegol, Oct 18, 08 10:45 AM.

Wez gatha ta overlook da lands we leave marked wif our Requiem. Soon all da towas in da land will be hangin' wif our banna.

The Council is Complete

Taegol, Oct 10, 08 9:34 AM.
The anointing has been completed. Our Council is now secure and has paved the way for the war drums to lead us on into the lands of Order laying waste to all they hold dear. Let their racing hearts quicken our pace, their deaths are inevitable the Requiem is here.

((added to the site))

ShReEmA, Oct 6, 08 12:45 PM.
I've added some more forums for us. Check em out and use them! :P


ShReEmA, Oct 4, 08 10:46 PM.
That's right, as a of tonight there are no more limitations on our guild site. We have paid for 6 months of no adds and no limits. You'll see some new stuff up soon!
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