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JTollers (SuperAdmin) 2/27/2013 6:35 PM EST : Friendly Reminder - LO.oT
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Hi team,

Since the loot list is completed and will be quickly updated for U10, it is important that the team is following the procedure on loot. Any non-bound items that are on the loot list need to be open for KP or rolling to the team. However, please take some review of the RoE (Grouping -> Loot) about being considerate of others in group that will use that piece on their class. We don't have specific rules around Mains/alts, but be considerate in that manner as we want everyone's mains to be very well equipped. However, if folks want to spend KP or roll on something they can use, they are permitted to.

Additionally, KP should be submitted for any won loot (whether bound or unbound) that is listed on the loot list so that others in group get benefit for helping awarded player.

As said, we'll continue to evaluate things as Turbine makes changes, but we want to make sure players do not feel inhibited to use resources they have earned on behalf of helping the team (in many different forums) to purchase items that drop regardless of how it is initially distributed otherwise Mel may be left to be purchasing traveling rations with his KP heap!!!


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