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JTollers (SuperAdmin) 12/31/2011 10:52 PM EST : Welcome to 2012 Inklings and Friends of Kin!
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It's the eve before New Year's for most of our kin (possibly all but Mblue ) as I write this and consider what a blessing The Inklings have been in my life and in the life of others and how much we have accomplished. It's been a good year to us!

61 players have joined The Inklings of which 41 were later to be promoted to membership of which 35 remain active making in total for us 54 active members to date (they contributed at least once in the last 2 months) and in the last few weeks we've recruited 6 others. The coolest thing to me is I think we now span 4 - 5 countries? Makes for some great diversity!

This year we've accomplished much together. Middle of this year we asked each regular member to list out what they'd like to accomplish before RoI. We made a list, and we got that done. On top of that as a team we took down The LT in BG BEFORE radiance went away! After that we went on to tackle OD completing T2 CM in Wound, Poison, Disease, Fear, and T2 on Ivar and T1 on Gortheron. We've jumped on all new content and now in the first 3 weeks of U5, we have done T1 on first 3 wings, which is server 3rd as far as we have noted. In addition to our normal PvE bouts, we have 3 of our kin in the Top 100 PvMP Renown and 3 in the Top 100 PvMP Rating. How great is that!

Countless amounts of KP has been earned by our team helping each other as we brought in and celebrated with tons of cheer and fun our 4th Anniversary! We've also award over 157 medals this year for various recognition. We've also had some of the kin recognized by Devs as "Fashionalble."

 Our Website continues to be modernized and will continue to take shape! we've had so many laughs this year and good times, mostly at the expense of dwarves. We've had so many victories and so many ways we have had them alongside so much fun!

Many in our kin chave shared real life hardships as well as have overcome hardships. Many continue to deepen friendships! 

I love the people on my team. I care about everyone here. I am happy with what everyone has helped build and sustain. I really am. I have had so much fun over the last several years, of which many have been such hard work, but this last year has just been a great time and a great amount of victories.

I look forward to a strong 2012 with the hope/goal of defeating ToO on T2 by end of March. I look forward to more growth, more folks growing with us, and more relationships and stronger ties. Thank you to all for your contributions, your resilience, your dedication and your friendships. You've made my life more positive and I know you've made many others.

I'm sorry I didn't get a new video out before year end, I hope early this year. Please feel free to share your thoughts and memories of 2011 as well!

P.S. Also a strong thank you and happy new year to our continued allies and associates.  Thank you for your assistance and the contributions you have made to our fun and success!

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