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Khailin Wurmslayer (Associate) 8/29/2011 9:41 AM EST : Removal

Khailin Wurmslayer
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I am very glad to say that removal from our kin is few and far between, but last night we had another one.
During the process, I was asked what could cause this, the answer is always within the ROE:


If you persist at being a disaster to others, complain too often, are self-seeking, buy or sell gold, use power leveling services, earn penalty KP not associated with declaring or winning loot, or aid Sauron and his minions in any manner (i.e. consistently contributing to the low morale and death of the free people of middle earth), your reputation will be diminished. 
If your reputation falls to unredemptive levels or you demonstrate that you no longer aspire to be esteemed, one or more of the following things will happen: Your kin standing will be demoted, you will lose all your KP, you will suffer KP penalties, or you will be removed from the kin. The Inklings kinship does not like removing people from the kin. Demotions are handled by the officers. 
Disreputable players have a hard time finding assistance.

I call it common sense.

If you do not work to make friends, how can you be surprised when people who you are not friends with remove you from their groups?

This is a helping kin, we enjoy playing the game and working with others towards a common goal.

As an officer, when an issue comes up, I not only have to think about the member causing the disruption, but also about the member being disrupted. 

To me, last nights removal was not about showing the person removed what their value was, but to show those who stayed their value to the kin by removing one who would actively try to bring kinmates down.

Conversely, we also note when we see members making a positive contribution to their kinmates.  This I am glad to say is the norm within our kin, and as an officer, I can only sit in humility of you all and thank you personally for making my game time so enjoyable.
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