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New Raiding group system
Jun 17, 09 7:00 AM
VoA AND OS down
Feb 26, 09 6:00 AM
The Dark Alliance in Kara
Nov 28, 08 3:04 PM
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Welcome to The Dark Alliance!

The Dark Alliance was formed on the 15th April 2007 on the Alliance side of the EU Dunemaul server by Nightkitten and Bunnylock and the guild has been growing and is still going strong ever since.

The Dark Alliance was formed as a social guild mainly because we were really annoyed with the non friendly and  unhelpful guilds out there. Although we are a social guild we do guild instances, events and even the possibility of raids (depending if there are enough members signing up).

We are always on the look out for friendly, active and helpful members to join in the fun, so all classes and levels welcome, please send a pm or ingame mail to Nightkitten (hiddenkitten forum name) or Bunnydin.

We also have a guild email address if you want to get in contact with us that way:

Have fun

Nightkitten and the Officers

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Other Guild News

New Raiding group system

Arvila, Jun 17, 09 7:00 AM.
There is a new Raiding group system being put in place

Well the new system has 5 ranks *Dark Raider (1)*
                                                *Dark Raider (2)*
                                                *Dark Raider (3)*  
                                                *Dark Raider (4)*
                                                *Dark Raider (5)*
only 5 guild memebers will be put in each group depending on their skills and gear wether they will be in (1) or (2) ect...

WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN ?             
Each group is systematicly run through dungeons and heroic dungeons the help better each individual groups items and skills

every weekend or yet to be decided time the (1) and (2) groups will merge to run through naxx 10 man and eventualy we hope for all 5 groups to join together for a massive 25 man raid

we have yet to decide and will be making selections putting a leader in each raid (1),(2) ect... those leaders will choose players for their dungeons. So if you are chosen or not chosen then dont worry chances are the possision is not perminate

Thank you all for your support and we hope to be on-line and running in the weeks to come -Cromo

VoA AND OS down

Bunnydin, Feb 26, 09 6:00 AM.
2 Dark Alliance firsts!

We successfully took down the VoA without any problems :D
(Well done Xird (MT) Coffeecup (OT) Bunnyhealer, Avael (Healers) Kittymage, Deathchick, Desuran (DPS) )

And after that we beat OS :D 
ok there was a few wipes but we did beat it in the end :D
(Well done Xird (MT) Coffeecup (OT) Bunnyhealer, Avael, Pyris (Healers) Kittymage, Deathchick, Desuran (DPS) )

Gz to those that got epics from the bosses

Only down side was we had to bring in some outside dps help :S
But Im sure that wont be a problem in future.

Heres hoping we can make this a regular run :)

 - Bunny

The Dark Alliance in Kara

Hiddenkitten, Nov 28, 08 3:04 PM.
Well done to Marcrenecon, Xird, Supalock, Coffeecup, Negasius, Enthir, Convi, Minions, Bunnyhealer and Janetwice.

This was the guild's first run around Kara and we completed it.

Well done guys and remember to keep an eye out for the next run in the guild event calendar :)

Nightkitten and the Officers

Edit: 112g was raised from greens for the guild bank from this run :D - Bunny
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