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Bloodbath N Beyond
The website is here!
Aug 19, 08 11:26 AM

Hey everyone!  Welcome to Bloodbath N Beyond's new website!  We're a young guild, so please excuse us any growing pains as we get up and going here on the Kithicor Server.  We know that there will be some bumps in the road and we ask that you all just stick with us as we figure out how to bulldoze over them. 

The main point that Vlor and I want to stress is that this is YOUR guild too. We want you to feel completely at home and free to talk to us about anything, whether it be an issue with something in game, or your love for all things musical. If you have any suggestions at all for the guild, please feel free to share them with us.  If you are out there adventuring and group with someone you feel would be a perfect recruit for Bloodbath N Beyond, let them know about us!  Working on a quest and need a little backup to take out the big boss man?  That's what we're here for!  Have a fun idea for a guild event? Let us know and we'll get to organizing it.  Think of us as you're party planning friends who happens to work as a bouncers!  While we may never be the largest guild out there, we hope to be the most comfortable and people friendly guild in all of Norrath.

Thank you very much for your patience with us as we spread our wings both in game and here on the website and thanks for joining Bloodbath N Beyond!



The website is here!

539910538_Inactive, Aug 19, 08 11:26 AM.
We have secured Guild Portal's services for hosting our Guild's website.  Please be patient while we bring this page under our command :) Don't forget to post any ideas on the forums that you may have for the website!

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