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Uh, now what?

So the zombie invasion's over, huh? Just like that, the coolest World Event to ever hit Azeroth was gone just as quickly as it arrived. If you didn't log on this past week, you likely missed what was one of the most chaotic and fun times in the game -- players turning into zombies, infected roaches and rats infesting cities, and hordes of Scourge knocking at our city gates. It was unique, creepy, fun, and sometimes even disruptive -- but it was one of the most well-designed events we've ever seen happen to our favorite game. And now it appears to be over.

What happened there, exactly? Just when everything was ramping up to a fine crescendo -- with the disease duration shaved down to an apocalyptic one minute and infected rats streaming out of our city sewers -- it suddenly dies out without warning or climax. No big battle. No quests to fight zombies. No conclusive finding of a cure (Grand Apothecary Putress' quest line wasn't quite anywhere near epic...). It just... ended. There were rumors of something going down at 4pm server time, but that hour came and went without so much as a bang and a clatter.

What happens now? What do you guys think is in store for Azeroth? Certainly the Lich King won't let things end in such an anti-climactic fashion, right? Arthas, the baddest of all bad guys, must have something else up his cold, icy sleeve, right? What's going to happen next? Armies of Scourge attacking cities, perhaps, or some other impressive, crazy thing. I mean, certainly things won't be status quo all the way until November 13. Or can it?

The Plague: What Remains

  • If you haven't been to Karazhan yet, you have only a few days left to get your mitts on Tenris Mirkblood. He drops some pretty sweet stuff, so I'd recommend going for it. We have the strategy guide to help make it simple
  • If you're not quite leet enough for Karazhan, don't get too glum. There's also a selection of bosses in many of the mid-level dungeons around the world, and we have a guide to them all.
  • The Necropolises will be hovering over select points around Azeroth for at least a few more days. Be sure to get your Necrotic Runes so you can purchase all the cool Argent Dawn Trinkets and summon your own Bubble-hearther in shining armor.


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