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New King in Serpent's Hold!

Sir Marcus Reyas, Jul 6, 12 9:13 PM.

Sir Marcus Reyas, Captain of the Order of the Silver Serpent, has been elected King of Serpent's Hold in a historic ouster of the Tyrant Creed.

There was much rejoicing in the streets as the first act as King was a full reprieve and pardon to all who had been unjustly prosecuted by the previous regent. As of today Serpent's Hold will be a beacon of hope for a better Britannia!

The new King has also summoned forth the powers of Cold Steel to better aid our allies from the Yew Militia to assist us in the defense of the city against the rampaging bands of war mages that populate much of the enemy's forces.

The Undead Claim Trinsic

Sir Marcus Reyas, Jun 22, 12 12:37 PM.
 Through powerfull magics, the Undead have transformed the holy city of Trinsic and taken over as it's new masters. A massive skeletal dragon resides atop the walls, ruling over the entire city.
The Paladins of Trinsic are barricaded off small areas and tentatively hold their ground against the roaming hordes.

Rumor has it that several powerful artifacts can be found being safeguarded in the city. 

The Paladins plan to push against the evil Undead, be there when they do!

Training Golems operational

Sir Marcus Reyas, May 14, 12 2:52 PM.
The new training golems are now operational and ready for use! These are training alts which OSS members will be able to use to train up their melee skills.

The golems have a template as follows:

GM Wrestling (complete)
GM Tactics (~95 at the moment, will be complete soon)
GM Anatomy (complete) 
GM Healing (~80 at the moment, still in the works but usable)
GM Parry (~ 70 at the moment, still in the works)
GM Animal Lore (0 at the moment)
GM Veteerinary (0 at the moment)

Donations of bandages, plate armor (and bascinet helmets) and metal kite shields are welcome! You may drop bandages and metal kite shields near the golems and they will automatically pick them up. You may also ressurect them, and they will automatically accept the ressurection request.

GM Animal Lore & Veterinary is going to be trained to assist any tamers with training their pets, and in the event that Pet Bonding is implemented, will be set up to automatically ressurect friendly pets.

GM Parry with full plate will usually only be used on one golem at a time, as this golem will be reesrved for those practicing Archery. Archers, please remember to stand adjascent to the golem, and heal him as much as possible. Donations of plate armor and shields will be especially welcome.

Finally, if you're going to be training on the golems, PLEASE heal them with bandages if you have the healing skill. They cannot stay alive for long with multiple people hitting them unless they receive heals. If you don't have the healing skill on your character (if you're a mage, for example), then please drop the bandages near the golem. Remember that both golems will try to pick up the supplies dropped on the floor, so if you're planning on training on one of the golems, drop the bandages or shields out of range of the golem whom you don't plan to use.

Update 3/25/12

Sir Marcus Reyas, Mar 25, 12 7:18 AM.
Style update to the page as well as content update to the Information section.

Guild Background complete.
Joining Requirements 50%
Ranks & Uniforms 80%
Rules and Regulations 50%
Trials of Virtue 90%

Tales of Virtue Added

Sir Marcus Reyas, Mar 23, 12 4:07 AM.
The Tales of Virtue which will be the basis of a recruit's classroom training have been added to the Library.

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