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Welcome to Corripe Cervisiam, We play on the core server Ironfist Order side. We are accepting aplications from active players over level 20. If you have any questions please feel free to post on any forums you have access to or contact an admin.



Deowyn-Leion, Dec 16, 08 4:29 PM.
Grats on level 19!!!

One more level and we can get to show off our guild heraldry, keep up the good work!

Guild News

539902921_Inactive, Nov 8, 08 11:02 PM.
**GRATS everyone on 18!!! Guild Cloak is now unlocked, but is still a little buggy, some Members have had to uncheck and recheck the Guild Cloak option. The Guild Emblem Reveal unlock is at level 20. To view the guild emblem check the Standard bar in the in-game Guild info.

*Good job everyone on leveling through 14 and 15 so quickly. Special thanks to Grevehn and Xamich on the Guilds first Keep claim!

*Grats Slaorm on being the Guilds first rank 40!

*Grats Vinisten on rank 40!

*Grats Hakedu on rank 40!

*Grats Grevehn on rank 40!

*New Guild Requirement, level 20+ only.. the few members under 20 are leveling quickly. More members have been removed from the Guild this week for inactivity and there will be more removed next week. There is currently a bug with the Guild roster that is preventing certain members from being removed, tickets have been sent in and are still waiting to be addressed.

*NEW RANKS (located on members home page) - members will receive they're appropriate rank titles when you log in on site and become an official member.
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