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fighters of azeroth
Fighters of azeroth the guild for EVERYONE

We are a newly formed guild with most of us joining from our old guild, we are all friends.  Our aim for this guild is to keep it fun and friendly whilst doing raids and instances.

We are looking for new players who want the same as us, we want people to be mature, whilst being fun and friendly.  We want people to enjoy instances and raids and to not be told that they are useless or noobs.

We have officers and GM who are willing to help if people do have problems in or out of guild.

The guild is for everyone and even though we have ranks people go up the ranks as we get to know them.  If we find people being treated unfairly it's an instant dismissal from the guild for the player causing it.  We want to stay friendly and we also want people to enjoy the game as much as we do.

Thankyou for looking :)

Rules for guild:

1: Swearing is allowed as long as it don't cause offence to anyone.

2: No racism will be tolerated in guild.

3: Respect each other and that includes officers and GM.

4: Please do not steal other peoples' veins when mining this could cause the guild to have a bad name and if you wish to report a player doing that to you please speak to GM or officer, make sure you have there character name and guild name if they are in one.

5: Most of all please enjoy the game.

Rules for raids/instances:

1: Make sure you take plenty of ammo, food, pots, drinks etc before raid starts.

2: Please make sure you are repaired fully.

3: Please do not call anyone a noob unless it is said out of fun.

4: Most of all please enjoy the raid/instance.

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