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Dead Meat
Aug 5, 08 8:11 PM
News Test
Aug 5, 08 8:06 PM
Welcome to the official Dead Meat guild website!

Thank you for coming to our website! Since we need to get this up and running I am just testing out what GuildPortal can offer. If I can make my own background I might just do that in my spare time, and also since our guild doesn't exist yet I will wait our mighty leader Jig's approval.

I notice there is information I can add, images which I guess we can have some daily image, events... like we always wanted, and Allies which obviously 'Nightmare Effect' will be one of which.

I hope this site is interesting enough for me to stick at, and for to have fun with as we empower our guild with chaos!
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By 539887056_Inactive, Aug 5, 08 8:11 PM

Theres a bank on this site which is built-in which is pro to show people what items you have on you if they need also the best part is the roster which brings info from WoW-Armory to this, showing everyone from the guild. CHECK ALL TABS sfc.

News Test
By 539887056_Inactive, Aug 5, 08 8:06 PM

Dead Meat website fonded 6th of August 2007 at 4am :p
Interesting thing is that you can set security for website like.. levels.. if I wanted only Jigs to know and all guild leaders to know I'm kicking someone I can set a specific 'news bulletin' quite unique. (Same for everything else I guess - t... Read More

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