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What is the SGA?
    One of the most challenging aspects of World of Warcraft is the organization, management and logistics of groups large enough to access much of the high level content available. As an expansion transfer server, Arathor experienced an initial period of rapid growth which led to the formation of several larger, raid-centric guilds; as growth slowed, recruitment for smaller and newer guilds became increasingly difficult.

    The SGA works to provide opportunities for players to group and raid with other quality players in an organized and trusted environment. Members have the opportunity to experience the highest level WoW content without having to give up the friendship and support their small guild provides.

    These policies are in place to protect and preserve that environment.
SGA Accomplishments
The SGA has come a long way since its inception. It has seen guilds come and go, as well as the leadership behind it. It has seen its direction change several times. The SGA is a success soley because its members work hard to make it a success. Without active members, the SGA simply does not exist.

Before the newest expansion, Wrath of the Lich King, the SGA had 4-5 teams running content ranging from Karazhan all the way through Sunwell. Some teams where there to teach people HOW to raid as well as maximize the impact they had in their given roles, while other teams where soley designed to push themselves through content as fast and as effectively as possible.

No matter what end of the raiding spectrum you fall into, whether you just picked up the game and hit 80 or have been playing since the inception of WoW, we have a place for you.
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