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MSG for you & me!
1). Respect each other.
This is paramount! Save yer kung fu for the enemy faction....take them out instead. We don't tolerate soap operas. Disrespecting a fellow Gang member is considered ultimate dishonor!

2). Focus fire!
Make /assist macros that you use religiously especially when grouped with fellow Gang members! Have the group decide who will be your main assist, and have everyone edit their macro to assist his/her targets. Focused fire will get the job done quickly and efficiently and result in a better teamplay experience.

3). No begging!
Please do not repeatedly ask higher lvl ppl to run you thru instances, Public Quests, or for ppl to give you items/gold. We all earn our keep by the pixelated sweat of our pixelated brow! High rank people need to farm considerable amounts of rank, influence, and gear for their endgame, and when it's all said and done, they still have to swoon the ladies! Be appreciative when they do offer to take time out of their grind for others. Give them a hug.

4). Don't be a tard. Don't be a ninja. Don't give the Gang a bad name.
The only thing we regularly raid is the fridge. This does not mean we don't raid at all....we just do not have specific raid nights. When we do group (or raid), be considerate of your team mates.

5). Contribute as much as you take.
Our Gang bank is now up and running. It is there for our community. Your contributions of leadership, assistance, craftables, drops, gold etc to the Gang will determine your status with the vault. We would like to see you get to a point (by promotion) where all tabs are open to you. If you only take from the bank without contributing, a demotion may be in order.

6). Absolutely no flame wars with Order or Destruction players in game, on our forums, Warhammer Alliance forums, IGN, or anywhere.
There may be a time someone tries to talk us down, smear us, taunt us into a reply, whatever. It's pointless to try to reason, argue, or put down people like that. You cannot control what other people will do, but you CAN control what YOU do. Set yourself to a higher standard. Let your actions speak for themselves. Let self-defeating words reveal the speaker's own transparency. This is a game and it's meant to be fun....and PLAYED. Message board flame wars are just a timesink that takes away from your playtime and ultimately the Gang's playtime with you. Would you rather dedicate that time to endlessly butting heads with an enemy? Or to logging in WoW and laughing your butt off with Gang members in guild chat? This Gang does not support putting other people down. (unless it's facedown!)

7). Have a super terrific happy #1 good time and dish out some Pu Pu Platter to the enemy!

-MinĐs Eye
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