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Greetings most honorable one! I have a lucky feeling about you!
Chinese Takeout Gang/CHINA TOWN is a totally laid back guild on the Thunderhorn Alliance PvE server & Horde Illidan  PvP server in WoW. CTOG was founded on the Azazel server at Warhammer Online's retail release and gained much love and respect among allies and enemies there. We gained a reputation for being a casual guild that got things done and excelled as a team.

Now we have moved on to Illidan Horde & Thunderhorn Alliance, and what better guild to be in while we prepare for the upcoming expansion Mists of Pandaria!

We keep our ruleset simple: Do yer thing, have a great time, include each other in groups and respect yer fellow gang members. That's pretty much it. It's common sense! Please read about the code we live by under "Takeout Orders." Everyone is allowed to join us in the spirit of good fun, and every member has guild invite privileges at this time.

All are welcome with open arms! Any level, any build, and active alts are WELCOME!

So have a blast and prepare your toons and alts with the Chinese Takeout Gang and serve some 'takeout' in Azeroth!

Doody - <CHINA TOWN> - FINAL BOSS - Illidan Horde
Shâdowcat - <Chinese Takeout Gang> - FINAL BOSS - Thunderhorn Alliance
Other Guild News

CTOG Facebook & Steam communities

MinĐs Eye, Dec 31, 11 10:20 PM.
<Chinese Takeout Gang> now has it's own Facebook page and Steam gaming community! Please be sure to visit the CTOG Facebook page and "Like" us for updates on guild news, adventures, and screenshots. The CTOG Steam community has been started so that those of us who also enjoy other PC games can meet up together in the other games we also play.



T3 Keep Raid Pics

MinĐs Eye, Oct 30, 08 7:30 AM.


Last night, due to the Halloween event patch borking scenario load times and various other anomalies, Chinese Take Out Gang decided to bang out a few keeps! Hey, what could go wrong?

We began the evening attempting a T3 elf keep unsuccessfully, but we had several very valid excuses:

1). We lagged.
2). Vonhelsing's new keyboard is 'weird.'
3). Strie took too long pooping.
4). Jokmok's house was hit by lightning.
5). Mindseye got something in his eye.

The truth is, Destruction's defense just played well, and we cut our losses. Good job D!

We then moved on to High Pass, took the battlefield objectives and delivered some Take Out to the keep. Something musta been in the food, cause all the guards and players ended up dead.

From there, we moved right along to Talabecland where we ran into a complication: one of our tanks, Angrim got stuck in the gate's wall. Like, stuck waaaaayyyyy in. We had already entered the keep and held off from taking it as long as possible, but nothing Angrim could do would get him out. Ultimately, he had to recall out and the gates respawned separating us. By that time, a Vendetta warband had arrived and joined ours, and we took the keep together.

We are sorry you couldn't be there with the Gang to take the Keep, Angrim....heck, any one of us could have tripped on that little girl's jump rope and got ourselves stuck in the wall too.


We had a few special guest appearances throughout the evening and wanted to send out a thank you for joining in the fun:

The Driven

If I missed anyone, give me a heads up please.

Don't let it go to yer heads: Player Feedback!

MinĐs Eye, Oct 28, 08 7:13 AM.
So it's been a few weeks since we started quietly on Azazel, and players are starting to notice we have something happening here.

The purpose of this post is not to inflate our egos but I thought you all would like to get some of the positive feedback we have been receiving on the WHA forums:

Feedback 1
Feedback 2
Feedback 3
Feedback 4
Feedback 5
Feedback 6
Feedback 7
Feedback 8
Feedback 9
Feedback 10
Feedback 11
Feedback 12
Feedback 13
Feedback 14

As the guild's GM, it's really nice to have this exterior perspective from the commentors on both sides of the Order/Destruction fence. It's nice to see that what we have established is working, that it has an impact on the server, and there is beauty in our simplistic structure.

If you are a visitor to this site and are not currently a member of Chinese Take Out, this might be a great time to speak to one of our officers in game, leave a message on our forums, or directly apply here on the site now.

If you are already a member of another guild, feel free to create an active alt, rank up to 11+ and get an invite. We would be happy to have you.

Gang T-shirts!

MinĐs Eye, Oct 24, 08 1:18 PM.
Ni hao my brothers and sisters!

It is with great pleasure I announce to you today our official Chinese Take Out Gang t-shirts & merchandise! Get 'em while they're hot!

Men & women's t-shirts, ringers, & longsleeve T's are available as well as Chinese Take Out Gang mugs for all of you I see early in the morning sleepily sucking down coffee while running into walls.

Show yer Gang colors with pride!

To view all of our Gang items that are available for purchase, click HERE.

New Content in Member-Only Section

MinĐs Eye, Oct 24, 08 9:23 AM.
Chinese Take Out Gang members, please make sure you have all registered on the guild website so you have access to Members Only privileges & forums.

I have posted more team tactics & strategies in our members only area. Get familiar with them. They are required reading. 

Xie xie!

DvD (Developer vs Developer)

MinĐs Eye, Oct 22, 08 5:32 AM.
From Scott Jennings blog (former Mythic employee, also formerly known as 'Lum the Mad'):

This Just In: Blizzard Beats Up Mark Jacobs, Laughs At His NDA, Takes His Lunch Money

Posted by Scott Jennings on October 16, 2008

Seems like everyone’s talkin’ about Warhammer these days. Including, you know, those wacky guys who work on the most popular MMO ever made. Jeff Kaplan in particular had a few things to say:

Now that “Warhammer Online” has been out for almost a month, I wondered if Kaplan had gotten a chance to try it. Even though he’s been busy working on “Wrath of the Lich King,” he revealed he has spent a little time with it.

“My character is like level 13 right now, and I’m playing Destruction on a server that’s imbalanced,” he said, referring to the factions in the game. He also said leveling his character has been going a bit slowly. “I’m at the point where I’m thinking about quitting because it feels like the best way to level up is in the battlegrounds,” he explained.

Hmm, sounds kind of familiar. And you’d think it would make sense for the Lead Designer of World of Warcraft to keep himself aware of the state of the MMO marketplace, right? However, the interviewer decided to poke Kaplan a bit about Mythic’s somewhat draconian beta/NDA policies:

I asked Kaplan why he thought he and other Blizzard employees weren’t allowed into the “Warhammer” beta. “That’s a great question,” he said. “I’m always fascinated by betas in general and [non-disclosure agreements] and how tight-lipped they tend to be. It’s Blizzard philosophy that if you’re really confident in your game, then you have nothing to worry about. So I guess that would be my big take away from that.”

WELL then. That’s a pretty diplomatic way to say “O SNAP”, I thought. Surprisingly, Mark Jacobs disagreed.

Frankly, what got me steamed is a piece at MTV where the guy talks a bit of smack about WAR, our Beta policy and stuff like that. My reaction to that was, interesting.

You don’t say.

I’ve always said nice things about WoW as I thank Blizzard for expanding the market, bringing more attention to this space, most important MMO of this generation, etc. But for Kaplan to shoot off his mouth about our beta policy, lack of confidence or criticism about WAR is just BS and it’s wrong. And so, I deviated from my long-standing policy of not criticizing other developers, especially on subjective issues. It will be an interesting read.

No, really. You don’t say.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, I remember one interview with Pardo prior to WoW’s launch where he saud that WoW’s PvP system/realm point/honor point/etc. would be, unlike DAoC, useful. Hmm, how many times have they redone that system? Developers should stick to worrying about their own games and companies as none of us are perfect. People who live in glass castles and all that.

No, really. You don’t say.

“I’m disappointed with the decision from a leader in the MMO industry to go down a path which in the past, has been an anathema to them and remains so to just about every other MMORPG company in the industry. I think that not only supporting the sale of in-game characters, items and currency, but also taking a ‘cut’ of those sales, is not only a mistake but one of the worst decisions in the history of the MMORPG industry,” says Jacobs.

I guess “long-standing policies” began in 2005. Hey, it’s a long time in Internet years! Or maybe John Smedley made fun of DAOC. Because, as Mark says, he gets an exemption when those fools be steppin’ up.

They have made billions off WoW and they really don’t need Kaplan dissing, in any way, a competitive product. That’s just wrong, period. I didn’t diss EQ/AC/UO when we were developing DAoC and that’s always been a standing rule of mine. If another developer doesn’t want to play by the same rule, I reserve the right to respond, which I did. In Kaplan’s case, talking about “his issues” with WAR during it’s first 30 days is laughable especially since WoW had plenty of issues of their own at launch and considering that they spent 2x as long working on WoW as we did on WAR, some of their issues were just as bad or worse than ours. And his nonsense about our Beta is even more laughable considering Blizzard runs internal-only (NDAed by employment agreements) alphas at the same point where we would already be inviting thousands of regular people (under NDA) into our game.

I’m not normally a conspiracy kind of guy but within a few days of each other the COO and the Game Director of Blizzard both diss our game (though Paul did damn us with faint praise) does make me wonder.

Yes, of course the fact that, you know, Warhammer Online launched last month and garnered almost a million subs and people in the MMO industry might have opinons on that is besides the point: BLIZZARD IS GOING TO TAKE MYTHIC DOWN. Oh, if only a corporation with very large pockets stood behind plucky little Mythic.

As Mark clarified to the same MTV reporter (who is apparently hellbent on making MTV A GAMING JOURNALISM FORCE):

Referring to Kaplan’s mention of the 30-45 minute wait times for battlegrounds (called “Scenarios” in “Warhammer Online”), Jacobs said that “World of Warcraft” also had long queues just to get into the servers to play the game when it first launched in 2004.

Well, yes, to a neophyte on online games (like, dare I say, the MTV reporter), sure, that’s a fair cop. Of course, Blizzard’s queue times (which were often far greater than 45 minutes) were the result of half the known world trying to access the game servers, and Mythic’s queue times are the result of, well, half the known world choosing Destruction. Note to Mythic: not buying enough servers is something your Ops team can fix. Making one side have heavy metal Vikings who can turn their arms into battering rams and the other side having poncy elves? Um, that’s not something Ops can fix.

Responding to the user interface similarities, Jacobs said that “World of Warcraft” wasn’t the first game to feature customizable interfaces. While he credited them for polishing it, he also said that it should be pointed out that “World of Warcraft” learned from Sony Online’s “EverQuest” and Mythic’s “Dark Age of Camelot.”

Again, Mark taking advantage of a credulous reporter’s lack of knowledge here. Actual MMO players would know that there is a WORLD of difference between the ability to skin an interface (seen in EQ and DAOC) and the ability to SCRIPT an interface (seen in WoW and Warhammer). Now, if Mark had simply said “Yes, Warcraft’s interface scripting set the standards for user interfaces, much as Everquest set the standards for easy UI skinning and the whole getting 40 friends to kill a dragon thing”, that would have been more accurate. As it is, I have to wonder if he’s been giving debate advice to John McCain.

“If you look at ‘Warhammer,’ there were so many points [where] we consciously made the decision not to be like ‘WoW’ and to try to push the envelope. I think you’ll find that if you’re actually going to compare the two products, I would say ‘WoW’ is certainly a more polished game now than ‘Warhammer is — of course they’ve had four years and billions of dollars — but if you look at the innovations in ‘Warhammer,’ you’d be hard-pressed to find as many in ‘WoW.’”

Billions? BILLIONS of dollars? Um, no. Bobby Kotick said it would TAKE a billion dollars to compete with WoW - which, ironically enough, Mark Jacobs quite correctly called him on. To date, the most expensive video game production has been Grand Theft Auto 4, whose budget is in the $100 million range. But that’s a side tangent - the point is that if World of Warcraft and Warhammer developers are going to get into a slapfight over which team was the most derivative, um… er… I think we’ll all laugh quite a bit. And then both developers can collapse, tired and beaten, into their HUGE VATS FULL OF MONEY.

and then.....

Today’s Edition Of Developer vs Developer (DvD)

Posted by Scott Jennings on October 21, 2008

I’m trying to cut down on the Warhammer stories, really, but then I see links to media interviews or posts and I can’t help myself. It’s got all the drama of Dawn, but surrounding an actual fun game. How can a blogger resist! Anyway, in today’s media clipping, Mark Jacobs smacktalks back at the Blizzard boys.

Do you believe Blizzard’s plan to introduce open world PVP into World of Warcraft is an attempt to position themselves against WAR?

Oh absolutely. I think imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. You have a game that’s been out for four years, they’ve never put in world PVP like ours, they’ve never been able to level through PVP like in ours.

I think it’s absolutely a reaction to Warhammer. It wasn’t like all of a sudden the idea of open world PVP or levelling through PVP came into their heads and went ‘nobody’s ever done this before’. I don’t think it was accidental that they’re talking about doing it when Warhammer comes out. Four years and suddenly, miraculously, at the same time Warhammer comes out that’s when they start talking about these things… I think it was Jeff Kaplan who said they like to look at other games and learn from them - well, I’m flattered.

He’s right, of course (smacktalk based on truth is always the best smacktalk!) Considering that Blizzard’s designers were avid DAOC players, this isn’t precisely a new development. And hey, if Blizzard takes one of Warhammer’s best features (levelling in PvP from level 1) I’m all over that.

Until they nerf death knights. Which you know is going to happen sometime in January, right? Just checking.

Learn Chinese During Maintenance

MinĐs Eye, Oct 15, 08 5:40 AM.
By golly, something constructive is gonna come outta these here darned video games yet! Take an opportunity during the server maintenance to brush up on some common Mandarin Chinese words and phrases. While you do that, I am gonna brush up on my English.  =P

Some common phrases:

CLICK: How To Say Hello in Chinese "nihao"
CLICK: How To Say How Are You? in Chinese - "nihao ma?"
CLICK: How To Say I am fine in Chinese - "wo henhao"
CLICK: How To Say And you in Chinese "ni ne"

CLICK: How To Say Thank you in Chinese "xiexie"
CLICK: How To Say You are welcome in Chinese - "buyongxie"

Guild Ranks, Heraldry, Tax, Nominations

MinĐs Eye, Oct 15, 08 4:45 AM.

Holy crap we just nailed Guild Rank 10 and no one seems to have slowed down to notice! We are well on our way to Guild Rank 11 and additional guild benefits!

Guild Rank 10 was a significant rank for us because it allowed us to create our guild heraldry. You can view our Heraldry on the 'Standard' section of the guild tab. This is what our guild cloaks will look like when we have unlocked the appropriate rank for them. For a full listing of Guild rank rewards we all will be receiving, click HERE.

Guild tax will be incrementally raised twice over the next couple weeks. We promise to do so in very small amounts. This week we will raise our guild tax 3% so that our total tax this week will become 10%. The following week our tax will raise 5% for a total of 15% tax on coin loot from corpses looted only. We have no plans to raise our tax beyond 15% at this time. Again this does not cut into money gained through auctions, quests, or vendored items. For a full breakdown of how guild tax works, click HERE. Our guild tax serves as a fund raiser for siege weapon purchases, battle standards & Gang RvR upkeep charges that automatically deduct from the Gang bank.

Chinese Take Out Gang is always keeping an eye out for members who get things started and support those who get things started with their participation. We are keeping an eye out for more promotions in the very near future. Criteria for promotions is based on attitude, getting things started, participation, assistance, and various other contributions you may make to the Gang. Please help out the guild's management by sending your nominations for who you feel is due some consideration for a promotion (and why) via in game mail to one of the members of Gang Management.


Casca's 1st RvR Video

MinĐs Eye, Oct 13, 08 4:57 PM.
Manager Casca posts his 1st RvR video of what exactly his 'management' duties entail in WAR: casca aka rsmudvayne

FIXED Server Bug: Gang did NOT Disband!

MinĐs Eye, Oct 12, 08 10:14 PM.
UPDATE 3:12AM EST - Servers are apparently functioning again as normal...whatever that means. People once again have guild chat access and no longer appear to be kicked from guilds.

Just a heads up, earlier today, we were suddenly unable to continue speaking in guild chat. I received private messages from people who appeared to not be in the guild when in fact I could look at the roster and see that they actually were. People were having issues being stuck in scenarios, or being unable to Queue up for them, /who searches weren't working....etc.

So I spoke to a member of Vendetta who was experiencing the same issue. He thought he had been kicked from his guild and was unable to do a /who search to see who was online. I could see he did in fact still have his <Vendetta> guild tag and he said he could also see my <Chinese Take Out Gang> tag under my name even though I was experiencing the same situation after logging out and back in again.

We have submitted an appeal for help and hopefully we will get this bug fixed quickly and be back to normal very soon.

Sorry for all the confusion. Hang in there! We are still here....somewhere!
You can read what others are saying in this thread at Warhammer Alliance.

WARNING: Be advised that anything you do in game before our server is back to normal is likely to become a casualty of a server rollback. Any progress made might be lost.

T2 Shadowlands Keep Raid Pics

MinĐs Eye, Oct 12, 08 5:19 PM.
Wow, what a pain those Elf Keep Lord aoe's are!

Chinese Take Out Gang never ceases to amaze me at how well such a new group (2 weeks old) pulls together and gets the job done! I just want to say right now how IMPRESSED I was with how everyone stuck with it to see that Keep Lord go down.

Not only did we have to deal with the NPC guards, but several defending Destruction players as well. Give yourselves a pat on the back and be sure to thank Caemrolael's leadership....he helped us push forward and pull together to go against the odds.

I wish I had taken more action pictures, but me being a healer and all keeps me a little busy. If you have additional screenshots from this raid please email them to me and I will add them here. (My email address can be found on the guild tab in game).

Nice job, Gang.

Recruiting Changes

MinĐs Eye, Oct 9, 08 5:48 AM.
Now that we have reached 300+ members, open recruitment will begin focusing on players who are Rank 11 and higher with a preference toward players who are upper T2 to lower T3. This is the first phase of recruitment restrictions we will be implementing as our numbers grow toward the maximum allowed, joining sooner might be a better idea than trying to join later when the doors are closed.

There will continue to be no Rank requirement on friends and family members of Gang members who wish to bring them into the guild. We just ask you keep your toons and alts active.

As always, be sure to ask in guild chat and in guild Vent if anyone wishes to join you on your PQ's, Scenarios, and RvR! Your promotions and guild benefits are based on your contribution to the Gang, your attitude, your leadership, and your participation (this also means supporting those who are forming guild groups!).

Check the website often for updates, and be sure to open your Guild tab by pressing "G" when you log in to Warhammer to view the current progress of the Gang's rank, Ventrilo connection info, calendar, and any updated messages.

Thanks guys and girls! Keep up the great work!


First Keep Raid

MinĐs Eye, Oct 7, 08 10:19 PM.
Much thanks to Exquisite's leadership and the amazing teamwork of the Chinese Take Out Gang, we took our first keep last night! Fantastic job!

What great news to log into today.  =]

Thanks for taking screenshots Yuorick!

PS: Congratulate Exquisite on his recent promotion to Assistant Manager!

Leadership Promotions

MinĐs Eye, Oct 7, 08 6:29 AM.
Congratulations to the newest additions to our Chinese Take Out management team:

Casca - Manager
Faiael - Assistant Manager

Both have really stepped up to get things going in the guild and have displayed great leadership qualities. Please be sure to give 'em a big slap on the back for a job well done.

Feel free to contact Casca, Faiael or myself about what you can do to help out in the guild!

PS: Congratulations to the Gang on 220+ members!

Congrats! 175 190 200 Members

MinĐs Eye, Oct 3, 08 7:43 AM.
I just wanted to take a moment and congratulate the guild on building up momentum so quickly!

We are a mere 5 days old and already at 175 190 200 members and well on our way to Guild Rank 7! Great job everyone!

I have really appreciated how inviting you have been to new members and your willingness to include them in your activities. Your readiness to start groups and lead them through public quests and scenarios has been most appreciated. This is exactly what we are looking for!

With the increase in memberships, we will be needing an increase in management. I have my eyeball on a few of you for leadership positions. I will be speaking with some of you very soon.

The gang has been designed to be simple to manage and part of that simplicity will be made through delegation of leadership. My plan is to promote enough members so that no one person feels overwhelmed with duty. Promotions result in additional guild benefits such as more vault access, guild management tools, etc.

This game was meant to be PLAYED and ENJOYED, so I expect you all to do your part to maintain our Take Out Orders so we can all maximize our fun.

Keep on doing a great job! Keep leading those scenario groups! Help members with questions and join each other when questing. Get together and get to know your Gang...we will be the army backing you up out on the battlefield!
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