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New Guild! Again.
Jan 11, 10 9:54 AM
From Naxx to Eye of Eternity
May 29, 09 9:05 AM
Into Naxx We Go
Jan 5, 09 6:38 AM
Successful Karazhan Clear!
Oct 28, 08 6:21 AM
Congratulations Emmett and Rose!
Oct 2, 08 5:54 AM
Under Cosntruction
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New Guild! Again.

Dymlor, Jan 11, 10 9:54 AM.
The founding members of Company of the Wolf have moved on and reunited in yet another guild.  For the sake of posterity (yeah, right) we'll keep our news previously posted and start fresh with Circle of Sages news being posted from here on out.

From Naxx to Eye of Eternity

Dymlor, May 29, 09 9:05 AM.
Having cleared Naxx 10 man a few times we made our first attempt at Eye of Eternity last night.  Made it to Third and final phase!  We'll down Malygos eventually, just going to take some work.

Into Naxx We Go

Dymlor, Jan 5, 09 6:38 AM.
On our first attempted run into Naxx (10 man) we successfully took down the first boss in the Arachnid Quarter with the help of 2 people outside guild. 

Successful Karazhan Clear!

Dymlor, Oct 28, 08 6:21 AM.
Congratulations to all who took part in our first successful, complete clearing of Karazhan!  That includes the special new Boss Teneris Mirkblood which we handily defeated on the first attempt.

Congratulations Emmett and Rose!

Dymlor, Oct 2, 08 5:54 AM.
The Guild heartily congratulates Emmett and Rose on the birth of their first level toon!  So what class is he?
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