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Masquerade Policy
Masquerade greatly values its good reputation.

To maintain this reputation, Masquerade has very strict rules with regard to any forms of ninja-looting. These rules apply regardless whether the ninja-looting takes place during guild runs or during PuG runs.

Members who are found to be in breach of this policy will be removed forthwith from our ranks.

We urge non-guild members to immediately report any incidents to the Guild Lead (see the window below). If possible, please provide us with a screenshot of the situation.

In extension of our policy, we kindly request raid leaders of PuG raids to not invite notorious ninja-looters to those raids. If we, as the Stormreaver community, act together against ninja-looting by making the life of notorious ninja-looters as difficult as possible, there may eventually be a decline in the number of incidents.

For your information, please have a look at Blizzard's revised stance regarding scamming.

Other Guild News

HC Morchok dead

Inferius, Jan 25, 12 5:23 PM.
Less sucking on positioning, more killing.

Deathchin dead!

Inferius, Jan 5, 12 5:08 PM.
After 2 weeks of wiping and close 3-2-1% wipes he's finally down! Heroics here we come! \o/

New Start!

Inferius, Dec 11, 11 1:19 PM.

Welcome back everyone and and a warm welcome to all the new recruits that decided to join our new adventure! The guild got a complete overhaul. Guild leading changed and guild status changed from social to raiding once again!

New loot system and new guildranks

Due a new raiding core and raiding start, we got ourselves a new loot distribution system. Please read up on them following Loot Rules

Information about the new guildranks and their privileges can be found at Guildranks.

- Vixae
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