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~ the lands of Hyboria burn strong with the dark flame ~

~ our goal is to rid the World of the vile and evil creatures that walk it ~

~ our path is wrought with bloodshed and the clash of iron ~

~ the men and women of our brethren stare death in the face with no fear in their eyes ~

~ our journeys prove hard and dangerous yet our people are hardened to strife and conflict ~

~ our way is one of valour and glory for we show honour on the battlefield turning away from no conflict ~

~ victory is ours and we revel in the plunder and riches that are our reward ~

~ we call the dismal wastelands, barren deserts, lush forests, and forbidding caverns
our homes as we tread under the burning sun and twinkling stars seeking adventure ~

— our travels may take us near and far- alone or with our kin, but whether we be
Swordbearer or Holyperson, Spellcaster or Thief our mission remains the same —

We are a fellowship and our covenant is that of companionship and aid to our fellows
for we are The Blackfire Legion and our flame will burn long and strong.

Argonyanaa - Dark Templar of Cimmeria
Chieftan of The Blackfire Legion

- We are a casual, social guild.
    - We are newbie, vet, female, couples, and family friendly and welcome EVERY adventurer to our brethren.
- We group, quest, do XP'ing, and will be working our way to casual raiding and PVP seiges with an emphasis on fun and comraderie.


Blackfire Legion Tier 1 township near completion

AnnihilatePrime, Aug 4, 08 2:14 PM.
Blackfire Legion has a nearly complete Tier 1 township located in the Purple Lotus Swamp (instance 36).  We have our Guild Keep along with a Trade Post, Temple, Library, Barracks, and all of our workshops.  We are in the process of building our inner walls and towers and will be moving on to our outer gate, walls, and towers as resources permit.

We are in currently in need of Ash, Sandstone, Copper, and Silver along with money to purchase materials to draw the plans for the wall and tower structures.

After we have completed all of our walls, our architects will be working their way to Tier 2 Architecture, and we will be in need of large quantities of Yew, Granite, Iron, and Electrum.

We would like to thank everyone who has contributed time, material, money, and effort to the construction of our township.
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