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Alcoholics Unanimous
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Welcome!  More info to come, this is just the start of this guild so help it grow and benefit!  Please be respectful of other guildies and do not abuse privledges.  Please only recruit players who you feel will benefit you and the guild (100 good players>1000 not so good).  Zeilije is the 70 that backs this guild but he is not a member (see note at end about this).

The 70's of the guild (when they get here lol) will commit to running lower level instances to help your toon.  This will be noted on this site and on guild calendar later on.  These runs will be planned.  Any other runs will be out of boredom or a feeling of compassion.  You may ask for help at any time, but please note that it is ultimately your responsibility to level your toon to 70 and most of the information you need is easily found on the interwebz.  Please do not get mad if a 70 does not jump over to help you the moment you need it as they may be raiding, leveling a craft or grinding rep... they have to play the game too >.<  If you do your part and recruit good players, there should always be a stockpile of people on to help you.  We ALL hate pug groups.

Helpful Sites (great for detailed game info) (great for mob locations, quest help, item lookup, drop% ect) (I love this site, it does it all.... and the info is really helpful) (get your mods here!)

Helpful Mods
Quest Helper (great for power leveling)


Please mail ALL contributions to Fazzle (this is so you are guaranteed points for your contribution).  He will distribute them in the bank.  Any deposits made in the bank directly may not get your credit.  Also, any withdrawals must go through Fazzle.  Send him an in-game pst or letter with your request.  All requests are first come/first served and only if the transaction makes sense for your toon. 

Points are awarded for deposits that benefit the guild, likewise points are consumed for any withdrawals.  A level 20 cannot withdrawal a level 70 item and vice versa.  If you are working on alts that will benefit from guild stuff, they must be a member and must have the points for it!

All deposits that do not appear of value will be returned to sender.  All direct deposits that are of little or no value will be removed and vendored for cash that is put in the bank.  Try to only contribute items that award points as these are going to be most useful to the guild.  Also, please sell really valuable things for cash, I would rather you have money for you!


Silver money- .01 point each
Gold money- 1 point each
Level 10-50 green item or consumable- 10 points
Level 51-70 green item or consumable- 20 points
Level 20+ crafted blue/purple item- 30 points
High end mats (primals, felweed ect)- 100 points a stack

The cost to remove an item is the same as its reward value.  For example, if you deposit a stack of primal earth, you will get 100 points, and if you want a stack of primal life, you will be charged 100 points.


Trial- New to guild
Member- Good member
Rep Grinder- supporter and contributing
Contributor- proven trusted (some bank priv/recruiter)
Supporter- trusted and supportive (more bank priv)
Senior- more bank priv
Raider- more bank priv, must be 70 (intended for raids and guild support)
Officer- must be 70 and supportive, full access and modifications
GM Alt- GM in disguise
GM- really an alt, the GM is not a member of the guild, atm.

If officers or GM are not online and you need something, send pst to Zeilije.  This is Fazzle's (GM) main and most likely will be online.
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This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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