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Expanding the influence
Aug 6, 08 12:06 AM
Guild City Established!
Aug 2, 08 4:40 AM
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Welcome to Kadzait Kin!

Please take a moment to register all of your characters you have enlisted in our family so that we can keep better communications and have an easy way to notify guild members of up-coming events. 

You do not need to create multiple "accounts" to register multiple characters.  You only need to "register" once and then list all your characters on the tab at the top "Characters and settings".


Expanding the influence

539873865_Inactive, Aug 6, 08 12:06 AM.

We are Pleased to announce that the Akkadian Vanguard has heard of our deeds and has agreed to lend us their ears.  They are a wise and noble faction of Mercenaries that share similar goals of our own and can be trusted in the most dire circumstances.  We will assist them when and where they need us.

They can be reached here The Akkadian Vanguard!

Guild City Established!

539873865_Inactive, Aug 2, 08 4:40 AM.
The guild city is under-way!

Our guild city is well under-way thanks to the many... many... cows that have been sent to their demise as a result of the epic search for a piece of brindled leather.  A good way to earn those illusive little gold pieces is to kill low level cows and sell their leather on the market for 4 silver a piece, (4 gp for 100). 

We have been successful in creating a thieves guild, weapon-smith, and Armor-smith in our city and will continue to work hard to progress to a Tier 2 city!  this takes a lot of money so any help will be appreciated.

If anyone has any ideas of how to better reach the funding for these buildings we are always open to suggestions.  In the meantime we will continue working towards a complete T1 city so we can progress to T2!

Keep Leveling and fight Honorably.

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