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Show Us Your Crits!

This is where to find all the latest and greatest events and patch information for Age of Conan!  It is a work in progress so pleased on't be shy about what you want added or content suggestions.

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Guild Scream Sheet

The Bog Men!

Zero Tigerfists, Jan 22, 09 5:56 AM.
I'd be surprised if anyone who used our Ventrillo dint not know that we have merged with The Bog Men recently.  The remaining members of show us your crits all discussed this and it is for the best.  With only 5 part time players, our city would take years to build and The Bog Men are a great group.  It is safe to say that we ourselves are Bog Men now and game life is grand!

The city will remain until such time as we figure out a way to dismantle it, or as is most likely the case, we continue to save it as a Bog men fall back point indefinitely.  Hey it's still a tier 2 city, no sense it letting go to waste. 

Long Live The Bog Men!  Love Live The King!

PS Tiger remains leader of this guild, but the name has been changed to Bogmen II so if anyone feels the need for alts to be stored in this guild just hit me up on Vent.

Peace out!

Temple is upgraded!

Zero Tigerfists, Oct 7, 08 2:06 PM.

Tiger is seen here inspecting the final product of the "Temple II Project" started last week.  Emerld's help was greatly appreciated with the material she contributed to the project, but most of the materials came from Tiger himself. 

Tiger was proud of his progress but did say; "With the whole guild gathering resources this would have been done long ago, but I do not complain.  I am proud to be building the city, and happy for help when it comes.  It will just take quite a while without more help."

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City is back under construction

Zero Tigerfists, Sep 19, 08 10:44 AM.
After weeks of inactivity the builders are back to work.  Tigerfist, the now level 40 Conqeuror has been appointed chief architect since the disappearance of the mighty Puma.  Guild donations have been very helpful, and Bearhammer who personally donated 15 Gold for the benefit of the city is out performed only by Morbithia herself who paid 25 Gold toward the building project already.

Thank you all for your support and generous donations to the guild.  We are on our way!!!!


Granite, granite everywhere but not a wall to build.

Zero Tigerfists, Sep 16, 08 7:27 AM.
Well done guild with your donations of materials.  It helps a lot and I am looking forward to putting them to good use.  So, why haven't you seen any new buildings in the city?  Well, because we lost our architect, and it's an expensive trade to get.

Puma is our main architect now and no one has seen him for two weeks, a veritable forever for on line gamers, so Tigerfist is punching his way to 40 as fast as he can so he can take the architect skill and go to work on our city.  Morbithia and Pathwarden are funding him, so I just need time to get him up there.  (Both Morbithia and Pathwarden have two skills each already.)

So, please continue with your donations.  As soon as Tiger can make 40 and become an architect I will be able to inform the whole guild of what we need for materials.  For now, I would ask you to donate what gold you can, (Currency gold that is) because these buildings we need also have a monetary need as well as materials.

Again, those of you harvesting, (we know who we are) are doing great.  Please remember to do your part for the guild, because we all benefit from new buildings.


Welcome Bearhammer and Thepreacher

Zero Tigerfists, Sep 15, 08 7:51 AM.
Two new members to our guild who have already performed so well and given so much.  Thepreacher has partied with Pathwarden many times and is a damn fin Tempest.  "I charge into battle more recklessly, because I know he'll be on my heels...with a heal!"  Pathwarden commented when asked how he felt about the two new additions.

Bearhammer, won the attention of Morbithia and Tiamaht both when he dropped 500 Granite and 500 Electrum into the guild bank.    Morbithia, dark worded and lightly veiled threats had this to say;  "Well, if he wanted to get the Lady of Death's attention, he succeeded.  That may not turn out so well for him in the long run.  Tiamaht might have more to say, but it takes a lot more than materials for me to show him my crits!"

Welcome all new members, but these two get the spotlight!

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