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Buttonmasher's Guild Statement:

Buttonmashers is a guild for people trying to gear up their characters without all the pressures that come from a hardcore raiding guild.  We also believe in quality over quantity.  This doesn't mean that you need full epic gear to join, it means that you need to be mature enough to learn how to play your class better and how to work with the group.  Our goal as a guild is to gear each other up so we can progress into end game content fairly quickly.

If you are worried about having greens and blues, I will personally take time with you to find the gear that you can get and put together groups so you can get the gear you need.  

Since this is a very young guild, we will probably need to pug in others for a few weeks before we can get in full guild runs.  Once we get this going, my goal is to gear people enough to do heroics in under an hour with no wipes, and a full kara run in under 2 1/2 hours.  I don't like wasting time while in an instance, so make sure that when you go in, you're ready to go all the way.  Small afk's are acceptable as stuff always comes up.

There's so much more to say about my goals and plans for this guild, but I will only say one more thing.  We are a sober and mature guild.  This means no drinking or smoking during schedualed raids, no cussing of any kind in guild chat or in the forums, and no putdowns or any kind of harrassment of any other player.  If you have a problem with someone, be mature and talk about it instead of name calling and getting everyone worked up.

If you agree with these things, then you are a welcomed member of Buttonmashers.

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