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Marines Of Sentenalis
Guild Upgrade and War News
Aug 19, 08 10:49 AM
Marines Of Sentenalis Has a New Address!
Aug 19, 08 10:02 AM
Upcoming Guild Events
Aug 13, 08 9:40 AM
All ready!
Aug 10, 08 10:33 PM
The Rooster Has Returned!
Aug 10, 08 2:16 PM

Marines Of Sentinalis

1)     We are an open guild meaning we accept all factions and professions. It does not matter if you are a combatant, trader, or entertainer we welcome everyone. Imperial, Rebels, and Privateers are also welcome but please keep the animosity between the factions away from the guild.

2)    The Current Guild Leaders are Alamat Hafar and Srome Aha . Please send Alamat an email with your profession and level so that he can better schedule guild events.

3)    We are not a PvP guild but we do sometimes participate in Guild Wars. We try to make the wars enjoyable for all members of MOS not just the combatants. We will not war a guild unless we are on good terms with their Guild Leader and have set guildlines for the war.

4)    Our main city is Sentinalis on Rori. You can land at Narmle starport and take the shuttle to it. We encourage all guild members to have a resident in our guild city.

5)    All members are expected to help one another out whenever possible. If you see a question being asked on guildchat and know the answer please respond. If you are a higher level than a member who needs help on a quest please take the time to help them. Not everyone can be available all the time but taking a couple minutes to help a guild mate brings us all together as a guild.

6) We are not a roleplay guild, however, all members are expected to respect the right of other guild members and players who roleplay, so long as such roleplay does not have a bad effect on the guild.

7) Guild cities have free elections, however, guild members may only vote for another MOS guild member, in order to keep our guild city under our controll. Any MOS member may themselves run for mayor if they have been a citizen and guild member for at least two weeks.

Thanks and welcome to MOS


Guild Upgrade and War News

539894305_Inactive, Aug 19, 08 10:49 AM.
Congratulations to those who participated in the guild war with KIN yesterday. It is safe to say that we where winning for the majority of the war, but the war dragged on too late to declare a clear winner.
SITE UPDATE- Yeah, I just payed the 45, ya'll. So PLEASE make my money worth it, and use this site to keep up on guild events. I will be working on site decorations tonight, after work around 7 and 8pm. We have our OWN domain name, so you no longer need to go to to access our guild website, simply type to go to this site (Remember, do not include the www. prefix, or it won't work!)
I will be using our upgrade I've purchased to add some screenshots of the war, and re-decorate the site, as well as throw in some things for the purpose of recruitment. If you'd like to add any screenshots, forrum topics, or announcements, please mail Alamet or Srome using this site.
That's enough for now ya'll.

Marines Of Sentenalis Has a New Address!

System, Aug 19, 08 10:02 AM.
Marines Of Sentenalis has been upgraded to include a custom domain, and can now be reached directly by going to Please note that there is no WWW in front of the address!

Thank you for choosing GuildPortal as your guild''s home on the web!

Upcoming Guild Events

539894305_Inactive, Aug 13, 08 9:40 AM.
Hey guildies, I updated our calendar with two upcoming guild events, including our weekly guild meeting, and a story teller event, please read through the descriptions I put on em' by clickin'. To make sure all members know bout' these events, I'll send it in my next guild mail today, and also include the guild website location for those guild members who still have not used this guild website to look for upcoming events.

All ready!

539894305_Inactive, Aug 10, 08 10:33 PM.
Thanks for the welcome back ya'll. I was really worried I wouldn't carry any weight with MOS guild members after being away so long, but ya'll have been great. Now that I'm back, we'll be having events weekly. I will inform you all about the nature of events on this website and via guildmail. Before having any guild event and even, I make sure I talk to Srome to be sure it can be successfull.
If you have any ideas for an event, just mail me, and I'll make it happen.
Events will be at LEAST once a week and they include guild wars, guild meetings, cantina parties, and whatever else you can think of.
If ya can, be at the guild meeting, tommarow, at Sentinalis, 2pm Eastern US time.

The Rooster Has Returned!

539863200_Inactive, Aug 10, 08 2:16 PM.
Alamat Hafar has returned to resume his leadership duties. He is the original founder of MOS and the city of Sentinalis. Everyone be sure to give him a warm welcome home. He is a trader but fights like a commando and he will soon be coordinating us on upcoming guildwars. If you stop into the Cantina in Mos Eisly you more than likely will run across his since this is his favorite drinking spot. Welcome back Alamat!

Srome (GL)
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