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Welcome to MAXPOWER!

We are a linkshell that is fairly new. Some of the members have known each other for a long time while others have just joined. There are a range of levels and anyone new or long time vet may join.

Our personalities very greatly. Wether you are shy or outgoing you will find people will accept you for who you are. The linkshell chat is active and our members like to spend time together.

FFXI is a game and we understand people have a real life outside of the game. We will not pressure you into playing more that you can.

If you want more info please take a closer look at the site, a good place to start would be the info box. If you have a question about our linkshell that has not been answered ask one of our member in the game.

If you are a LS member please sign up to this site!

for our sister site go to MAXPOWER sister site (It's not yet complete)
What you will find here

What you will find here!

Our website has many ways of relaying information. allow me to give you a little but of info on each one.

Information box- this box will have the info that won't change very often. When ever you see something new there please check it.

News- This will change on a regular basis. Keep up to date on it.

Voting- If we feel the need to have a vote on something as a linkshell this will allow us to do so with out knowing who voted what.

Calender- we will use this to track events as well as plan them out. use this to plan an event you need help with.

Roster- This is the list of people in the linkshell. Use it as a contact list or to send a message to one of the sackholders.

Chat- This is a chat room that we will put up for what ever we may need it for. it is intended for Linkshell members only.


*photo album
*FAQ page
*more forum stuff
*Static page
*Site feedback page
* useful links page
* linkshell points page

(this is just a start to a large and thriving website.)
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