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Welcome to the Free Corps!

We are a small but experienced Supergroup on the Liberty Server. While we're always looking for new members, we especially welcome players who are new to the game and looking for a supportive community. We're happy to help get you on your feet and familiar with everything from the Hollows to Mid's and IOs!

SG Uniform

539860464_Inactive, Aug 3, 08 7:18 PM.
As you may have noticed, we do not currently have a SG uniform. Rather than tell you what to wear, we would like to hold a contest for best uniform design. Any SG member is welcome to participate. The winner will receive 10M influence, acknowledgment of their design, and of course have bragging rights for designing the official Free Corps uniform! Send a screenshot of your submission to Hiemalis, and I'll post it on the web site. Once we have a few submissions, the SG as a whole will vote on the best uniform.

Group Photo

539869848_Inactive, Jul 29, 08 9:12 AM.
All, our group photo is post-poned due to a few members not being able to participate. We'll post the new date when it's decided upon and send emails. Thanks!

We have a website!

539860464_Inactive, Jul 22, 08 6:52 PM.
As you've noticed, we now have a website! Send any suggestions for new content or ideas to Hiemalis, or any of the officers/leaders.
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