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Mental Asylum
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Mental Asylum's goal as a guild is to experience the "old Azeroth" content with all dungeons, raids and events that are done and over on older realms.

We will be running on a casual guild mentality and are open to alternative characters.

We will not have a forced raiding/instance schedule or DKP system (for now atleast).

The guild has a Group Calendar -based event calendar, so please download the add-on and keep it current. Those who have signed for a run will have preference over last-minute "is there space" people.

Once we have lived thru the golden days of WoW and are ready to move past the <lv60 content to begin our Outlandish endevour we will explore The Burning Crusade content instance to instance and raid our way thru Karazhan, Serpentshrine Caverns, The Black Temple and Sunwell Plateu to move on to Wrath of the Lich King content in Northrend.

Other Guild News

And the hiatus continues...

Durzor, Jul 23, 09 3:35 AM.
Well, real life intervenes every so often - i.e. summer holidays, leveling on my main realm and profession skill grinding.

No time to develop my warrior here nor run a guild =(

We'll see if I ever get the spare time to actually do this properly.

It's been a long hiatus

Durzor, Jan 21, 09 5:09 AM.
Everything was going nice & breezily with the guild and my main Guildmastah (warrior) hitting nearly lvl30 and then RAF (Recruit-a-friend) hit the servers and I just got swiped away to dual-box my main servers <lv60 alts (6 of them) to lv61 with the RAF Level Grants from two levelled toons from 1-60 (druid & shaman). This took most of my autumn and I got the mega quick levelling project over in early November.  And then hit Wrath, DK's and more main leveling...

Do you notice a trend here... Too little time and too much new content arriving to have time to run a guild properly =( Unfortunate, but true.

I guess I'll be levelling this warrior and maybe rolling a DK on this server once they get 3.0.8 sorted out and cross-realm DK's available. Have fun meanwhile!

Got the guild charter and first five names

Durzor, Jul 23, 08 12:30 AM.
First things first - bought the guild charter and collected the first five names last night. Hope to finalize and register the name ingame tonight.

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