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Founded by the trinity consisted of Khulain, the Chosen Warrior of Chaos, Abraxis, the Dark Elven Disciple of Khaine, and Chuckie, the Goblin Shaman, Nevermore is an alliance of the 3 races of Destruction in Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.

Our goal: To grow in strength and numbers, and leave our mark on the battles raging throughout WAR in the name of Destruction, flying our banner proudly from the tops of the many keeps and fortresses throughout the different realms.

The founders of Nevermore, as well as many of the elder members and officers, are all players who know each other outside of the game, and Nevermore is our method of being able to play together with our friends and family. Community is important in MMO's, and as such, we will be seeking out a more mature community in the form of RP servers (hopefully open world RvR RP). That does not mean, however, that roleplaying is a requirement for this guild. Backstories and roleplaying are encouraged, but by no means required.

The point is to have a place where you can gather with like minded players, coordinate events, and play with people you enjoy playing with. That is the purpose of Nevermore. I believe I speak for all of the founding members when I say we are very excited about the promise of both WAR, and Nevermore, and are anxiously awaiting the launch.

If you are a member, be sure to keep up to date with the calendar and guild events, as well as participating on the guild forums. The Nevermore homepage is now up and running, and we are looking forward to the arrival of many of our anticipated members.

Chosen Warrior of Chaos
Founder - Nevermore

New blood joins the Unkindness of Ravens
By reiper1326, Oct 17, 08 10:53 PM

Greetings to our newest recruit to the regiments of Nevermore, eternally serving the will of the Raven Lord.

Nurt, a Squig Herder of the Greenskin tribes has joined the ranks of
Nevermore. Alongside us, he shall serve the Raven Host, spilling the
blood of our enemies that dare get i... Read More

New in game ranks added
By reiper1326, Oct 13, 08 9:25 PM

The Unkind Tribunal have made some changes to the rank order in our guild.

The rank Raven Ambassador has been added, allowing those members to
extend guild invites to players that they encounter in the Old World.

The characters Helistos and Uinlara have been given this new... Read More

Itolia and Helistos reach 20
By reiper1326, Oct 1, 08 11:47 PM

Congrats to our first guild members to reach Rank 20; Itolia and Helistos!

Tier 3 here we come!

-Khulain: Chaos Chosen, Nevermore Tribunal Lord

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