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Alliance of the Phoenix
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Greetings all

The Alliance of the Phoenix
 is a guild that can go anywhere.  We’re just beginning and this is an exciting time for us all.  We can make this guild into what we want it to be.  Let’s get out there, folks. Let get some new members and GROW.

 All of you need to realize that your opinions matter a great deal to me, and your input into the shape and running of this guild is not only hoped for, but expected.  Please, each and everyone one of us, let's use this as the golden chance it is.  Let's move forward with hope and excitement and anticipation. 
I want to set down here my vision, and my hopes, for our new guild, so you'll have an idea of where I'd like for us to be heading. To give you something to think about, to bring us together with focus and enthusiasm, and to encourage us to create the guild I know we are capable of. A growing guild, one where we're considering, not only what our members are doing today, but what they'll do when they hit 70.  End game is very different from leveling .There's dailies, raids, heroic instances.  As much as some of us might enjoy soloing, at 70 you really need friends you can count on.  No-one can face the dungeons alone.  And they are such fun!

The way I've seen us playing together makes me know, not just think but know, that if we work at it, if we practice it, we'll be able to take on even the toughest Boss. Imagine us on the battleground. Imagine us as a team in the Arena. Imagine us, people, just imagine us.


We need to grow.  So, let's start recruiting. We all solo a lot, but we all also enjoy running with company too, so, let’s take a close look at the folks we are running with and, if they are unguilded, let’s consider it and ask.  “Hey, that was fun, I’d like to run with you again.  Would you like to join my guild?”

(Smile) Seriously, it’s easy to ask.  The worse that happens is they say, ‘no’. So what.  And we might get a terrific new guildy.  Whatever people want when they consider joining us, please ask before you issue the invite.  Hopefully it will avoid disappointment on both sides.

I mentioned sponsoring our invitees and for some it will be more necessary than for others.  A lower level will need more help, but it gives us more opportunity to get to know them and ensure their expectations. Someone mid to higher level won’t need help, per se, but, if they are going to join a guild at this stage in their ‘toons life, they must have a reason and maybe they just want company, or certain dungeons done. Maybe they don’t realize how much enjoyment one can get from helping others level and then playing with those folks when you’re all the same.

Again, I hope I've given you all something to think about.  Post thoughts and suggestions here, please.  We’re not always on at the same time and this gives up a chance to keep up to date.

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