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Welcome to the Order

Order of the Black Lotus was founded in 2003 in Star Wars galaxies by Hotbox. We have grown to be the most strategic guild on the server. Having such loyal and great players we where the most underestimated guild in Bria. After the big revamp in star wars we all decided to move to City of villans. In 2005 we finally we moved to WoW where it has been led by Toray for over 7 years. We have become one of the top ten guilds on the server for many years now.

About us:
We are a family base guild we help each other when in need. . . We do not tolerate egos, We are all equal. This is not a hardcore raiding guild we will get there when we can as a guild. We are here to have fun. Raiding is during the week normally around 7-10 est. Weekends are for pvp world event and random stuff.

Guild Chapters:
World of Warcraft
Lord of the Rings Online
Star War The Old Republic
Star Wars Galaxies (emu)
City of Heros/Villans
Star Trek Online
Dc Online
Dungeons and Dragons
Guild Wars 2

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Other Guild News

Guild Meeting Notes-MoP Release

Rumblegirl, Sep 21, 12 12:38 PM.
This meeting was held on Sept 20, 2012 in vent. The main topics of discussion were the relating to the launch of MoP.

  1. There will be no Raiding for the first 2 weeks after the release of Mop. It is believed no new raid content will even be available for at least a week or 2 after the launch date. If you are a Key Raider please "light a fire under your asses" and get to 90 so when the new raid content is released we can start raiding as soon as possible.
       -Group 2 will start 1 month after group 1. Toray will pick a Raid leader at that time. If you are interested in being in group 2 please talk to Toray.

 2. We are not entirely sure if Blizz will be raising the guild level cap to 30 in MoP. Reguardless, TOray will be holding a weekly contest for the top contributors. If the level cap is raised this contest will run until the guild hits 30. If not Toray will run the contest for approx. 1-2 months.                                        
            Each week  1st place  2000g
                                2nd place  1000g
                                3rd place   500g
    If you have alts in the guild all of your toons contributions for the week will be added together for your total weekly contribution.

  3. As with any expansion we like to change things up a little such as Guild Ranks. MoP being an oriental theme we are looking for ideas for ranks that fit with this theme. If you have any suggestions please send Toray an in-game mail. He will be changing the ranks on sun.
  4. For all you pvpers we know you are here too. If you are interested in joining an arena team please contact Toray. If you want to do battlegrounds, whether you are experienced, never done one and want to try, or you fall somewhere in the middle,  you can contact Coomaka, Grodo, Rumblegirl, or Zforce. I know there are others who do Bg's and are willing to help. If I didn't mention your name your help is still appreciated.

     Now lets all enjoy this expansion. For the Horde!!!!!!
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Guild Meeting Notes-MoP Release
Sep 21, 12 12:38 PM
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