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Carpet Sharks
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Welcome to the Carpet Sharks!

This is the guild website for the official fan guild for the WCRadio show, "Casually Hardcore", currently airing Sundays at 12PM EST/5PM GMT (preshow at 11AM EST/4PM GMT).

The guild is located on the Icecrown-US server, Alliance side.  If you're interested in joining, please do a /who Carpet Sharks and ask any of the members online for an invite.

There is one rule: Don't be a jerk.  Keep in mind that while not everyone listens to the station or the show, we're representing both and need to set a good example when we interact with people outside of the guild and each other.

Also, while we *are* a fan guild and many people have mains on other servers, we encourage you to level your CS toon.  With the ability to spend less time in five-man instances and heroics, and 10-man raids in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, we want to run that content at some point and need players leveled to do so.  If you need help, ask.

So, who's in charge of this crazy ship?  Averagegamer is your GM, and Deelah is a senior officer (though rumor has it she's been kidnapped by the Beta monster and is trekking around EPL on her Death Knight and Northrend on her Paladin).  Questions, comments, concerns, funny jokes and praise can be sent their way. :)

With that, come on in, have fun, and long live Nemesis!
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This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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