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WotLK Patch!
Oct 15, 08 1:18 PM
More new info on WotLK
Jul 24, 08 10:57 AM
Pally and hunter talents
Jul 21, 08 9:59 AM
WotLK NDA lifted
Jul 18, 08 7:33 PM
Wrath of the Lick King talents on Thottbot
Jul 14, 08 9:47 AM
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Self improvement is masturbation. Now self destruction...

- Fight Club, the movie
Welcome to FC Project Mayhem Online!

For those who don't know, the FC stands for Fight Club (the movie). Sign up, and add your toons and let Ardid, Macknugget or Favii know so we can make you a member. Also, for your toons to show up as in the guild, you'll need to go into the character editor and click Guild Association.

Also, please download and set up Ventrilo (Vent). I can be downloaded here. Our vent server info is (COMING SOON). Talk to an officer for the password.

We are currently recruiting all classes with special emphasis on tanks and healers for All WoW instances and raids. You can remain in your current guild, if you prefer, just sign up on this site and send a tell to Ardid, Macknugget, Favii or any other officer so we can make you a member. Once you're a member of the site, you'll be able to sign up for member events like raids and 5 man instance runs.
Other Guild News

WotLK Patch!

Drfarris, Oct 15, 08 1:18 PM.
The patch for WotLK is out! It includes the new 51-point talent trees, achievements, the new profession Inscription, Stormwind Harbor, barber shops, and more. Be sure to check your class trainer for new abilities and don't forget that you need to spend your talent points once you log on with the patch downloaded, you don't need to visit the trainer to purchase a talent tree adjustment.

More new info on WotLK

macknugget, Jul 24, 08 10:57 AM.
Wowhead now has a pet calculator and info on achievements posted. 

It's available at 

Pally and hunter talents

Drfarris, Jul 21, 08 9:59 AM.
Paladin and hunter talents were revealed a few days ago. Check them out at Thottbot or WoWHead.

WotLK NDA lifted

macknugget, Jul 18, 08 7:33 PM.
So the WoW sites are free to publish info on WotLK. Check out I'll add other sites here as I find them.

Wrath of the Lick King talents on Thottbot

macknugget, Jul 14, 08 9:47 AM.
Thottbot now has the talents for all classes, incuding Death Knights on their beta server. Check them out here.
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