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Welcome to  Dark Evil/Nova Delta Force

Dark Evil - Main Villains Super Group
Dark Evil Reapers - 2nd Super Group
Dark Evil Executioner's - PvP Villains Super Group
Deadly Alliance - G2 - Alternate Villains Super Group

Nova Delta Force - Main Heroes Super Group
NDF Unchained - Keldian Heroes Super Group
Deadly Alliance - Alternate/Parent Heroes Super Group

- Leaders -
@Nova's Enforcer
@Dark Razor
@Might Anvil
@K-town Ogre
@Bad Wonka


New base coming soon! (tm)

Bad Wonka, Dec 5, 08 5:58 AM.
Issue 13 is live as most of you know, it hit December 2nd, 2008. Well as most of you know with i13 there are a lot of new base features that were added and a lot of price reductions, with the sad loss of base raiding for a few issues as it is being redesigned.

Well this all means we are getting a new base, now I'd like any pointers you want to give me or any additions you want for either the Nova Delta Force or Dark Evil bases. I am not going to make the base as big as possible as it is not needed and would kind of waste out prestige, but just get an idea off the top of your head that our base will have 2 Control and Power generators and you get an idea of how big the base will really be.

Anyways I'll be making edits to the base here and there this weekend and another thing, though raiding isn't available, i'll still set the base up for raiding and have a few cool looking turrets out the intimidate any friend you want to show around.

Well that is all for now, leave your purples at the door...jk

(PS. going to look around for an Arachnos Flier and a Longbow Chaser with these I would end up making a Hanger with a bunch of turrets surrounding either of them.)

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Bad Wonka, Jun 25, 08 4:27 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!

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