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Court of Wonders
Game News

Welcome to the Court of Wonders!

The current home of the movable court and the provisional government of the Gnomish Nations, Extended.

Stay tuned for exciting things to come!

- Krixin the Magnificent, King of the Gnomish Nations, Extended.

Members of the Court

Krixin the Magnificent, Lord of the Court of Wonders, King of the Gnomish Nations, Extended
Krexen the Far Travelled, Brother to the King, Ambassador of the Gnomish Nations, Extended, Prince and heir apparent.

Yuanjin, Ambassador of the Pandaren Empire
Sidalee, Duchess of Dun Morogh
Trianne, Baroness of Kharanos, Lady-in-waiting to the Duchess Dun Morogh
Reeb, Baron of Kharanos (Pending marriage to Baroness Trianne), Herald to the King
Pyke, Marquis of Brewnall
Bainon, Margrave of Loch Modan
Etta, Baroness of Teldrassil
Marika, Countess of Darkshore
Elrith, Count of Darkshore (Pending marriage to Lady Marika)

Riddok, Admiral of the Royal Navy
Induval, Royal Treasurer

Bolvergash Boulderbeard, Knight Protector of the Gnomish Nations, Extended
Arios, Knight Protector, Savior of Lordaeron

Cassinea, Servant of the Court

Other Guild News

The Court of Wonders Permanent Home!

Deleted User, Feb 6, 05 7:52 AM.

Well its not really a home exactly... but it is fun!

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