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The Night's Watch

The Night's Watch is a fun, friendly and casual Kinship on the Gladden server in Lord of the Rings Online. We are a small Kin with 10+ members and 70+ characters.

We are a group of real-life friends and are interested in the lore of middle-earth.  Our four officers are all founders and have been playing since closed beta.

The Night's Watch has a lifespan rank of 10, has SM crafters in almost all vocations and we are headquartered at 8 Long Street, BainBurg, Bree-land Homesteads.  The Night's Watch wiki page on the lore book is here.


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Arcowraen's watch begins

halfindor, Sep 14, 10 8:15 PM.
The Night's Watch welcomes it's newest member Arcowraen.

Arcowraen is yet another real-life friend of the kinship who was lured into LoTRO by free-to-play and is also the author if the fantasic forum thread Random thoughts from a new player that has never seen or played an MMO before.

The Night's Watch welcomes Vinhelm to our ranks.

halfindor, Sep 25, 09 10:41 AM.
Our long standing honorary member has finally taken the black.  It is great to have you officially in the kin.


halfindor, May 24, 09 8:38 PM.
Finally got around to publishing the video of our semi-ad-hoc run into Helgrod, back at the beginning of May.  Enjoy!

Another has taken the black...

halfindor, Apr 29, 09 2:06 AM.
Congrats Gui (Guimarr, Guirian, & Fregolas) on your promotion to full-fledged member from honorary member of The Night's Watch.  It's great to have you!

It's Official! Wednesday Night Radiance Runs

Caladriel, Feb 23, 09 8:57 PM.
With last week's kickoff of radiance runs, we plan on having weekly radiance runs on Wednesday nights at 7:30pm. We'll be starting with the Forges and Grand Stairs, branching to Dark Delving and Skumfil as more and more people get their pieces. We'll tackle the 16th Hall once we learn the strategy.

In order to help keep track of who needs what pieces, we'll use the forums. If anybody has any other ideas, let us know!


Monday Night Epics

halfindor, Jan 21, 09 6:56 AM.
The long anticipated Epic book night has finally be set.  Monday night's starting around 7:30pm, please plan to run Epic book quests, if you can.  Since there is no set agenda on which books to run and will vary depending on who shows up, we will make the choice of book runs each Monday.

Hope to see you all next Monday.

Event videos

halfindor, Jan 12, 09 12:55 PM.
I have posted a few videos on variuos encounters in my blog.  Make sure to click the HD version link at the bottom if you want to see the full detail.

I also uploaded an older one (Udunion in Barad Gularan) to YouTube with our friends from Ilsik here:

View the HD Version for a much better quaility.

Philias Hits 60

halfindor, Dec 31, 08 11:32 AM.
I know this is a bit late, but better late than never!

Congrats to Philias, the first of The Night's Watch to hit 60.

Turmacil, Warden of Annuminas

halfindor, Nov 7, 08 7:34 AM.
Congrats buddy!

carn dum tier 3 bosses?

Turmacil, Nov 6, 08 4:26 PM.
There is a tier 3 boss run scheduled for this weekend, with 2 spots already filled.  I for one would be thrilled to get back in there as Saang with the team we already ran.....Dornak/Angard/Gabria/Philias/Saang/Vinhelm, or another possible 6th if Vin is unavailable.  I'm all for supporting the alliance, but if all 5 of us were available then clearly we'd want to put our own team together just so no one was left out!  Can we get some responses to see if this might go down this weekend, either on our own OR with the kin of not all of us are available?
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