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Eminent Reign Alliance
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Jul 13, 08 10:25 PM
Howdy Y'all!
Welcome to our Website!

Im going to be working on it as much as possible to make it really cool!  The first thing were going to need is screenshots!  My email address is so take them and send them to me and if I deem them worthy of being on the site they will show up!  Other than that we have a forum and are getting a few other things going.  Im also working on getting music pumped into our vent server as well...  Hope you enjoy it and let me know if theres anything I can add to our site to make it better!
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Recommended Addons

539799611_Inactive, Jul 13, 08 10:25 PM.
Recommended Mods (all of these are pretty low memory as well, and they do a great job in instances!)


-Grid(great raid/BG mod IMO)

-Big Wigs Boss Mods

-Deadly Boss Mods

I used all of these as they were required by my raiding guilds, and now I have a hard time living without them...except for grid as Im not so worried about other peoples status anymore, not being a healer anymore....
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