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Polls Home > For the next BIG update, what would you like to see AoC include:
Poll Choices
Improve crafting and crafted item(s):
Raiding options and Zones (2 group min areas):
Update/change placeholder graphics for some items:
More lvl 70+ quests:
New Character Class(es):
Add more NPC voice overs to high end quests:
Add an underwear layer beneath armor that can also be taken off :
0% (0 votes)
Option to buy outside of the game... black silver, ebon ash and other rares ( lol j/k):
0% (0 votes)
New Mounts and or options to buy the Rhino etc:
0% (0 votes)
Close Date: Jul 31, 08 12:00 AM (Poll is Closed!)
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The walls go up!!
Jul 26, 08 11:23 AM
CoV City Building Continues!
Jun 30, 08 12:22 PM
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Call of Valhalla is an Age of Conan guild on the Wiccana server that is made up of mature, fun gamers. We are involved in crafting, PVE, and PVP equally, and strive to enjoy all of the aspects and challenges that AoC has to offer.  We respect one another, and treat one another as equals. Rank is merely a word to us, as we focus on teamwork, and gain power as a guild by sharing knowledge. We are currently recruiting strong and experienced MMO gamers to help us grow!

Please feel free to visit our forums and introduce yourself.
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