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Welcome to <Dude Itz A Guild>!!! We are a guild based off of the server Dalvengyr (horde side). We are currently on the recruit for more geared people for 25 mans. We do have gruuls on farm and are currently working on Mags. Feel free to look around and post any questions or concerns you mite have about the site or our guild.

                                                                  Bubbleyum(70 Belf pally)
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BIG Money, No Whammies...I'm Riiiiich Biiaattcchh!!!!

Torogrim, Sep 14, 08 5:13 AM.
Guild Lotto is back and bigger than ever!! Wanna play? All you gotta do is mail 20gold to the new character in the guild PHATLEWTZ and you might be a winner!! Gonna take a small portion each week for a guild cut which will be put straight into the GBank but it wont be a huge chunk or anything. Winners will be announced every Tues at the start of the raids! This will be starting on 09/16/08 which means that the 1st winner will be announced on 09/23/08, but you gotta pay to play!!! SO SEND THOSE MAILS!!!!!!!!!!

Spread the Word!!!!

Torogrim, Sep 14, 08 4:44 AM.
So... Here's the deal. I know everyone lately has been like WTF is up w/ Toro and how come he's isn't raiding w/ us?!? Truth be told ( as I have told alot of you already) I am tired of wasting my time and yours putting 2gether raids for people who only show up once a week for gear and then we either done see them again, or they leave the guild. So as of right now I am giving everyone in the rank of PWNR and aLMoST THeRe the ability to invite new members. From all the people who left because of school we kinda need alot of things right now. I'll make this easy on you guys. We DO NOT NEED - Mages or Paladins!! We DO NEED MORE FUCKING TANKS! As well as more healers never hurt either. Look for Warlocks and Hunters mostly, but also keep and eye out for any Shamans as we need more of them as well. TRY NOT TO INVITE PEOPLE WHO NEED KARA. We want to move past Kara, so lets not try to get people who need it. You want back into some serious raiding? Me too. Make sure you tell them the raid times are Tues and Weds 6pm server and that we are ONLY looking for people who want to show up!!! And yes, for those of you wondering, we are kicking around the idea of changing the loot system. =P


539784924_Inactive, Aug 7, 08 3:57 PM.
Void Reaver down first time in there WOOT!!! Downed him a few more times after that as well!! But we want more am I right?!?!?!! lets get some new people in here dedicated to the Guild and the raids!! Ask your higher ups what you can do to take us there!!!


539784924_Inactive, Jul 17, 08 2:35 PM.
Gruuls is still on farm WOOT  congrats to everyone that came to mags. Was the guilds 1st run and we downed him in 3 trys AWESOME FUCKING JOB!!! Once we farm these guys a few more times  SSC TK here we come!!!!!{ thanks to the pkpk guys for pitching in(cashi slaya rabz Hoazer and khan)}
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